Hollis DG03 3 Gas Wrist Dive Computer

Hollis DG03 3 Gas Wrist Dive Computer Features

The all new DG03 is a 3 gas/3 button dive computer (Air, Nitrox, 02 up to 100%) which includes Gauge and Free Dive Mode

Key Features

  • Wireless air integration
  • Wet or push button activation
  • Pelagic Z+ algorithm with Deep Stop
  • FO2 Gas 1, 2, & 3 range to 100%.
  • Independent PO2 Alarm Sets one for each Gas
  • Set FO2 sequence restrictions removed.
  • TLBG Alarm No Deco only, Deco removed.
  • Altitude Adjustment start range to 3000 feet
  • GAUG TMT Switching
  • Data Retention save to volatile memory instead of 8 sec hot swap.
  • Firmware Update by PCI
  • Safety Stop Timer
  • GAUG Dive Run Timer
  • User replaceable batteries (300+ hours)
  • Max Gauge Mode - 400ft. /122 meters
  • Audible Alarms, Variable ascent rates
  • Each gas F02 is customizable and adjustable on the fly

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

(510) 729-5110