Head Pull Buoy

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Head Pull Buoy Features

What's in the box: Head Pull Buoy

Head Pull Buoy
The Head Pull Buoy gives you a fun and easy way to get back in shape. This pull buoy is made out of soft and durable foam, which is also very comfortable to use. It allows you to suspend and float your legs so you can develop your upper body, giving you a better technique. It also promotes a proper body positioning so you can get more efficiency on your next race. This buoy helps you to improve your arm strokes since it restricts the movement of your legs. It is beautifully designed to improve the swimming skills from new to advanced athletes with a low impact work out. The Head Pull Buoy is a nice way to train and improve your skills, or just to have fun while you work out.

Key Features

  • Arm strength for swimming
  • Develops Upper Body Strength by Suspending
  • Floating Legs
  • Head Pull Buoy
  • Improves Arm Strokes
  • Lets Get in Shape!
  • Lightweight
  • Promotes Proper Body Positioning
  • Soft Durable Foam