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About Head Marlin Purge Dry Snorkeling Set

Looking for a great snorkeling set for that next tropical vacation? Head's Marlin Purge Mask, Snorkel and Fin set can fit the bill!
The Marlin Purge Mask is the snorkeling version of the MARES X-VU Mask that includes a one way purge valve. This low volume lightweight mask has a silicone skirt with a double feathered edge for an improved seal, easy to squeeze nose well allows one-handed ear equalization. The masks, reversed teardrop tempered glass lenses provide a wide field of vision, quick adjusting buckles, with two colors in clear silicone. The Marlin Mask has the strap buckles attached to the skirt. By attaching the buckles to the mask skirt this mask has superior hydrodynamics because the strap fits closer to the head, in addition the tension exerted by the strap acts-on-the-skirt and not directly on the frame reducing the pressure of the frame against-the-face. The mask uses a wide split strap which further adds comfort and increases the seal to the divers face. Mask is equipped with two safety tempered glass lenses for a great field of vision. The mask comes with a mask box.

The Set includes a dry snorkel. The snorkel design closes-off the breathing tube when you submerge underwater keeping the water out as you explore the wonders of the sea. Once you ascend to the surface there is no water to blow out of the breathing tube, just breathe in normally once you surface. If any small amounts of water enter the breathing tube it quickly drains out of the deep reservoir below the mouthpiece which is equipped with a one way purge valve. The snorkel is equipped with a removable silicone mouthpiece along with a silicone corrugated lower tube which combined provides comfortable breathing for extended snorkeling excursions. The lower tube easily falls away from the divers face when removed from the mouth making the Marlin Snorkel great for a scuba diving since it will not interfere with the divers breathing regulator.

The Volo uses Mares Optimized Pivoting Blade system (OPB); the Volo is 30% more efficient than traditional fins. The OPB allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle, OPB produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water. The Volo also allows you to use alternate kick strokes not possible with splits fins.

The Volo super channel is designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power and efficiency in one fin. The new blade design with a large central super channel and two traditional lateral channels provide excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue. The blade is constructed of Tecralene and Thermoplastic Rubber for extended durability. The foot pocket delivers maximum power and evenly distributes pressure over the foot to minimize fatigue. The foot pocket interior features internal ribbing that improves fit, eliminates foot suction and prevents foot pocket flexing, while transmitting-more-power to the blade. Set is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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