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About Head Lycra PU Coating Swim Cap

Head Lycra PU Coating Swim Cap
The Head Lycra PU Coating Swim Cap is great for the professional swimmer or someone just getting familiar with the sport. The cap provides protection against the chlorine that is put into swimming pools so you do not have to worry about your hair reacting to the chemical. The smooth surface of the cap reduces drag so you can swim even faster in the water. The Nylon/Lycra construction makes this cap? tear resistant and very durable as well as lightweight. The elasticity of its materials makes this swim cap snug to your head as it repels water when you slice through at your fastest pace possible. This cutting-edge cap is available in blue or black so you can choose the color that best suits you. The Head Lycra PU Coating Swim Cap? is ideal for the swimmer in your family.

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