Green Force Flexi III Battery Kit (No Light Head)

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About Green Force Flexi III Battery Kit (No Light Head)

The Green Force Flexi battery packs owe their name to their enormous flexibility. When equipped with a handle, they can be used as handheld torches. In no time they can also be transformed into cable torches. There are several ways to mount Flexi's to a dive tank. Green Force provides sleeves and clamps which can be fit to the dive tank by means of a belt. When fit with a cable, Flexi's become compact and powerful cable torches which offer an enormous freedom of movement because one only holds the light head and not the whole battery pack.

The casings of the Green Force Flexi's are made of heatproof polyacetal (delrin). They are all equipped with an overpressure valve and they obtain their water tightness by using durable NBR O-rings. The Flexi's are equipped with the TOS system. This assembly system does not only guarantee perfect water tightness, it also allows a swift and effective use of the system. They can by charged at any time with a fast charger.

The Flexi III is mid-range battery pack in the Flexi range. In no time it can be transformed from a handheld light into a cable light. Due to its capacity of 9Ah it can be used in combination with all Green Force light and offers substantial burn times, even with the most powerful light heads. The batteries kit includes 20 NiMH 12 volt cells it measures (L x Dia.) 14.96" x 2.56" (380mm x 65mm) with a charge time of 15 to 648 minutes. The battery comes with a charger and umbilical cord for attachment to a light head. To increase the freedom of movement and handiness, every Green Force battery pack can be equipped with an umbilical. Fast charger designed for the Flexi II and Flexi III battery packs Charging capacity of 1Ah.

Green Force Flexi III Battery Kit (No Light Head) Features

  • Green Force Flexi III Battery Kit
  • Enormously Flexible Battery Pack
  • Can Facilitate Hand Held or Cable Torch Accessories
  • Battery Pack Case:
    Heatproof Polyacetal (Delrin)
    Overpressure Valve
    Durable NBR TOS O-Rings System for Water Tight Integrity
    Guarantee Perfect Water Tightness
  • Charged at Any Time with Fast Charger
  • Flexi III: Mid-Range Pack in Flexi Range
  • Capacity of 9Ah: Used in Combination with All Green Force Light Head
  • Kit Includes 20 NiMH 12 Volt Cells
  • Dimensions: (L x Dia.) 14.96" x 2.56" (380mm x 65mm)
  • Charge Time of 15 to 648 Minutes
  • Includes: Charger and Umbilical Cord
  • Charging Capacity of 1Ah
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Green Force Flexi III Battery Kit (No Light Head) Specifications

12 Volt
(L x Dia.) 14.96" x 2.56" (380mm x 65mm)
Product Use
All Green Force Light Heads
20 Batteries in Pack
Weight [with packaging]
0.01 lb
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