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GoPro Surfboard Mounts

GoPro Surfboard Mounts Features

What's in the box: 1 High-Impact, 3M Adhesive Mounting Disc with Integrated Leash System, 1 FCS-Compatible Male Plug Mount for Attaching to FCS Center Fin Plug, 1 Rubber Quick-Release Stopper Lock, Warranty: One Year

GoPro Surfboard Mounts
The GoPro Surfboard Mounts comes with 1 high-impact, 3m adhesive mounting disc with integrated leash system, 1 FCS-compatible male plug mount for attaching to fcs center fin plug and 1 rubber quick-release stopper lock. The kit includes all of the mounting accessories from the Surf HERO camera, minus the water housing and camera. It is perfect for mounting your Helmet HERO or other quick-release HERO camera on to a surfboard. It is tested and approved by the professional surfers in Puerto, Northern California, and Hawaii. The Surf HERO is a revolutionary quick-release board-mountable camera. The Surf HERO includes two, removable mounting options: 1. a stick-on base plate that takes a couple of minutes to set up and go. An FCS compatible plug mounting system allows you to hex key screw your camera into the deck of your board when you install an FCS center fin plug into the deck of your board. Any ding repairer or surfboard shaper can easily do this. GoPro cameras and is not compatible with the Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera. The GoPro Surfboard Mounts enhances your experience of surfing.

Key Features

  • Hands Free Filming
  • Complete Mount System
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Delivers Exciting Photo's/Video Action
  • One Year Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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