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  • Air/Nitrox or Gauge Operating Mode
  • Excellent Entry Level to Advanced Computer
  • Exceptionally Intuitive Display
  • Maximum Depth - 330' (100 meters)
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About Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module

You have an analog console, but want to incorporate a nitrox dive computer to increase your diving fun and adventures. The Genesis ReAct Pro Computer Module can up-grade your console and increase your diving safety and fun. Computer will fit both Genesis and Sherwood current consoles since 2006, as well as many current consoles from Oceanic and Aeris. 

The ReAct Pro with Modified Haldanean / DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) Database Algorithm, has an intuitive operation and display, with large easy to read numbers and a clean matter-of-fact screen that gives you what you need to know about your dive when you need it. Computer can be used for air and nitrox diving, and has a gauge mode option. The module measures 1" (25.4mm) thick by 2.1" (53.34) in diameter is equipped with a rubber shim allowing you to adapt it to a wide variety of consoles, wrist, hose and retractor mount boots.

The ReAct Pro can be programmed easily to operate in either imperial or metric measurements. The time can be run in a 12 or 24 hour format. The computer is water activated so there is no need to turn it on before you jump in the water. The computer has a common CR2450 consumer replaceable battery, guaranteeing you won't be on a once in a lifetime tropical vacation with a computer that needs factory battery replacement.

Computer can log up to 50 dives in its memory, so not to worry on a day-by-day bases when you're on vacation having fun, just wait to you get home and with an optional download cable you can upload all your memories onto your PC with full color graphics and key dive profile information. Computer also keeps a history of dive hours, so you can always see how many hours you have enjoyed your diving fun.

Night diving is aided with the HydroGlow back lighting which also comes in handy when on a cave or wreck diving adventure. If altitude diving is your thing the computer will automatically adjust up to 14, 000' (4267.2 meters). Maximum operational depth is 330' (100 meters), and in gauge mode to 399' (120 meters), there is an automatic safety stop countdown timer and of course full decompression stop countdowns when required.

If you're diving Nitrox the computer has a 21% to 50% FO2, Nitrox indicator icon, 50% FO2 default function that is user selectable. The computer also will display O2 saturation both on the dive and on the surface along with FO2 display the same. In the computer surface mode you get surface interval time from first activation, current temperature, number of dives in the current series and the time and day.

Computer has both visual and audible alarms. The audiles can be disabled if you like to dive silent, or if you are one who gets excited when diving and need an audible reminder when critical dive information is important to know you have the option. Alarms can be set for ascent speed limits, depth limits, O2 and many others. So if you are looking for a computer that will give you the edge of safety in an easy to use and read format the ReAct Pro is what you are looking for. The computer module comes with an owner's manual and a battery hatch key.

The Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Advanced Diver, Recreational Diver among others. The Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module: Easy To Operate, Easy To Read, Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Lots Of Functions, Reliable.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.

Genesis "React Pro" Dive Computer Module Features

  • Genesis ReAct Pro Computer Module
  • Air/Nitrox or Gauge operating mode
  • Algorithm: Modified Haldanean / DSAT (Diving Science and Technology) Database
  • Deep Stop Reminder for Dives-Exceeding 80' (24.4 meters)
  • Digital and Bar Graph Indicators for Nitrogen, Oxygen Limits & Ascent Rate
  • Log Book Data: Up to 50 Dives
  • Consumer Replaceable CR2450 Battery
  • Excellent Entry Level to Advanced Computer
  • Exceptionally Intuitive Display
  • Maximum depth - 330' (100 meters)
  • Gauge Operational Depth -399' (120 meters)
  • Deco stops to 60' (18.3 meters)
  • Audible and visual alarms - diver selectable
  • Automatic altitude adjustment - to 14,000' (4267.2 meters)
  • Safety stop countdown timer
  • Water or manual activation
  • Imperial or Metric User Selected
  • Replaceable Lens Protector
  • HydroGlow Illumination
  • Large 270° nitrogen absorption graph
  • PC downloadable profiles
  • 3-Screens in Dive Mode - User Selected
  • Air/Nitrox - User Selected
  • Surface Mode:
    Surface Interval Time from First Activation
    Current Temperature
    Number of Dives in Current Series
    Time of day
  • Dive Mode:
    Dive Time Remaining (NDL)
    Current Depth
    Bar Graph Indicating Nitrogen Load
    Bar Graph Indicating Current Ascent Rate
  • Nitrox Mode:
    21% to 50% FO2
    Nitrox Indicator Icon
    50% FO2 Default - User Selected
    O2 Sat Display (dive & surface)
    FO2 Display (dive & surface)
  • Log Mode:
    Log Mode Indicator
    Maximum Depth
    Elapsed Dive Time
    Bar Graph Indicating Nitrogen Load at End of Dive
    Bar Graph Indicating Maximum Ascent Rate - Last Dive
  • Deco Mode:
    Bar Graph Indicating Deepest Stop Depth Required
    Total Ascent Time Indicated
    Stop Time and Depth of Stop
    Current Depth Indicated
    Up Arrow Indicating Need to Ascend to Stop Depth
  • Owner's Manual and Battery Hatch Key

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