Genesis Aquaflex Open Heel Fins

Genesis Aquaflex Open Heel Fins Features

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The original design of the composite fin is still one of the best designed fins to date The Genesis Aqua-Flex Fin uses plastic and rubber to maximize thrust and lower fatigue Blade of Aqua-Flex will bow across the fin to focus the thrust of the water movement directly behind the diver increasing the distance of glide and decreasing the effort to gain it Fin is equipped with a easily adjustable strap with patented quick release buckles

Key Features

  • Balanced flexibility provides powerful thrust with little fatigue.
  • Lightweight comfortable fin.
  • Open heel, adjustable foot pocket.
  • Easily adjusted straps.
  • Patented quick release buckles.
  • Excellent sport diving fin.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.