Genesis Compass with Hose Mount

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  • Liquid filled compass
  • Top and side reading
  • 360° ratchet bezel
  • Double line lubber line
  • Luminescent dial for low light conditions
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About Genesis Compass with Hose Mount

Many divers take compasses for granted, considering them just an accessory to an overall dive gauge console system. Trying to navigate with a poorly designed or improperly functioning compass can be one of diving's more frustrating events. The Genesis Compass design is Liquid Filled Compass with a list of features as functional and convenient as every instrument that bears the Genesis name.

Don't always need your compass for navigation; this convenient Hose-Mount Compass Module is your best choice. Allows diver to choose when Navigation is required by using a Durable Rubber Boot with Threaded-Adapter that Clamps-Quickly-and-Easily to any High Pressure Hose. Boot has Side-Notch for Side-Reading Gun-Sight Accurate Navigation.

The Compass is Liquid Filled for a Quick-and-Responsive Movement. A Ratchet Bezel with Compass Headings in 30° degrees Numbered-Increments and Indicator-Marks for every 10° degrees. Bezel has Twin-Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass Course and a Lubber Line across the Compass Face. Compass Card is Luminescent for Low Light Conditions. Compass is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Genesis Compass with Hose Mount Features

  • Liquid Filled Compass
  • Top and Side Reading
  • Designed for Excellent Navigation
  • 360° Ratchet Bezel
  • Twin Heading Indicators
  • Double Line Lubber Line
  • Luminescent Dial for Low Light Conditions
  • Gun-Sight Accurate Navigation
  • Hose Mount: Allows Use Only when Navigating
  • Eliminates Wrist Mount
  • Rubber Boot Attaches Easley to Hose
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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