Force-Fin Adjustable "Slim Fin"

Force-Fin Adjustable "Slim Fin" Features

What's in the box: Comfort Instep, Bungie Heel Strap Kit

Adjustable Slim Fins are for you

If you want to share your fins with other swimmers who have different size feet, or you have a high, bony instep, a very wide foot, or other special fit needs; and You want to

Burn more calories, increase swimming fitness and conditioning levels, develop swim kick strength and ankle flexibility, improve body position and swimming technique, and slim your thighs and tighten your buns

Slim Fins with our patented side-supported for stability, adjustable over-the-top foot pocket that reduces cramping while stretching your ankle, making it more flexible with each swim kick, and Works with our snappy V-shaped blade that channels water to maximize swim kick propulsion,

To work the muscles of your whole leg for better cardiovascular conditioning while you swim

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Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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