Fantasea Nano Adaptor Kit #61151


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About Fantasea Nano Adaptor Kit #61151

Fantasea Line introduces a new Nano Adaptor for attaching a Fiber Optic Cable directly to the Nano Flash and Sea & Sea Flashes. This Adaptor enables a quick, easy and secure attachment of a Fiber Optic Cable to the Flash, with or without a diffuser. The Nano Adaptor Kit includes the Nano Adaptor, screwdriver and a corresponding Manual Instructions.

Fantasea Nano Adaptor Kit #61151 Features

  • Works with Nano and Sea & Sea Flash
  • Increased Security of Fiber Optic Cable
  • Easy to Attach to Flash
  • Usable with or without Diffuser
  • Includes Installation Tool and Manual

Fantasea Nano Adaptor Kit #61151 Specifications

Weight [with packaging]
0.5 lb
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