Fantasea UltraMax UXDS-3 Lighting Set #2082

Fantasea UltraMax UXDS-3 Lighting Set #2082 Features

What's in the box: Blue Ray Single Tray,Flex Arm 30cm,UXDS-3 Digital Slave Strobe,Nano Fiber Optic Cable Kit,Fantasea Pro Bag

The UltraMax UXDS-3 Lighting Set is a universal lighting set designed to be compatible with any compact digital housing, including Fantasea, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Sea&Sea, Panasonic, Ikelite and more
The UltraMax UXDS-3 Lighting Set was designed in order to enhance underwater images taken by compact digital camera systems.

Key Features

  • Battery Compartment Cap with a Double O-Ring seal to ensure a perfect watertight seal
  • Battery Chamber is permanently isolated from electronics. This prevents accidental moisture entry while changing batteries
  • Thermo-Elastomer Gasket and Double O-Rings triples protection against moisture entry into electronic compartment
  • Magnetic On/Off Switch eliminates potential leaks
  • Housing is manufactured from high impact Polycarbonate Polymer
  • Single Button Controls
  • 5 LED Output
  • Power Levels in increments of 20% to 100 % offer a full range of lighting possibilities
  • Indicator: Green LED power-ready light with low battery power blinking indicator
  • 90º Coverage Angle provides greater panoramic capture
  • 5 Pre-flash selections to be compatible with any camera
  • Full 12-Months Warranty
  • Set does not include a camera housing