Finis Rapid Monofin, Yellow

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About Finis Rapid Monofin, Yellow

Finis Rapid Monofin, Yellow
The Finis Rapid Monofin, Yellow uses a large single-blade fin, allowing swimmers to learn the proper undulation movement in the water and obtaining a great core and leg workout. The Monofin's flexible blade makes swimming more enjoyable, because users can swim at much greater speeds and depths than before. Extremely versatile, it can be used in a pool, lake or ocean, and comes with an adjustable heel straps that can be custom fitted. And the Rapid also comes with quick release foot straps, providing added safety in the water. The Finis Rapid Monofin, Yellow is designed for teenagers and adults; and makes swimming more enjoyable and fun. The flexible blade helps build leg and core, during the dolphin kicking motion 60% of muscle mass is being sculpted, including the core and lower body. The fin comes with stability ridges for proper flexion and speed, and it has plastic protection insets that maintain perfect foot pocket shape during storage. This is an outstanding product for swimmers who are looking for fun or an over the edge healthy workout.

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