Finis Replacement Goggle Strap


About Finis Replacement Goggle Strap

Finis Replacement Goggle Strap
The Finis Replacement Goggle Strap is a very convenient and easy way to restore your swim goggles. The Strap is manufactured of a durable silicone rubber material that can be stretched and pulled without breakage. With this strap comes an easy to adjust back clip that lets the swimmer adjust the strap to exactly duplicate, to the same measurement of the strap the replacement is replacing. This Finis Replacement Goggle Strap is compatible with any of the racing or fitness goggles that are made with a double or 3/8" wide head strap. This Replacement Strap prevents any slippage and provides a secure fit, so you will always feel sure above and under water. The best things of all, is that the strap is a universal fit for goggles using either a double or 3/8" wide head strap, which is great. Keep it on hand at all times, because it is so handy and convenient.

Finis Replacement Goggle Strap Features

  • Finis Replacement Goggle Strap
  • Easy and Convenient Way to Restore Swim Goggles
  • Durable Silicone Material
  • Can be Stretched and Pulled without Breaking
  • Easy to Adjust Back Clip
  • Compatible with Any Racing or Fitness Goggles with 3/8" (1 cm) Wide Head Strap
  • Prevents Slippage and Maintains Secure Fit
  • Universal Fit for Goggles

Finis Replacement Goggle Strap Specifications

Rubber Material
Silicone Rubber
Easily Adjustable Back Clip
Universal Fit
Recommended Use
Racing Or Fitness Goggles
Stretched And Pulled Without Breaking
Prevents Slippage
Maintains Secure Fit
Weight [with packaging]
0.2 lb
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