Finis Fulcrum Paddle


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About Finis Fulcrum Paddle

Finis Fulcrum Paddle
The Finis Fulcrum Paddles are shoulder-safe training paddles especially designed to increase speed and strength through resistance. The wrist cutout design is made to reduce stress on the shoulders, permitting the upper body muscles to safely engage at full capacity. These Paddles encourage an extra-deep entry angle, which will lead to a much faster and higher catch in the water volume and promotes early vertical forearm (EFF). An extremely versatile paddle, the Finis Fulcrum Paddles can be used for all 4 competitive strokes and in different resistance needs and strength training, as well as helps you to increase your cardiovascular workout. Made of durable plastic with adjustable rubber tubing, the paddles are ideal for swimmers of all skill levels. Be sure to pick one up to help you improve!

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Finis Fulcrum Paddle Features

  • Finis Fulcrum Paddle
  • Designed to Reduce Stress on Shoulder Joints
  • Builds Upper Body and Arm Muscles Thru-Resistance
  • Designed to Promote a Higher and Faster Catch
  • Suitable for All 4 Competitive Strokes
  • Pull Harder Thru-Water, Especially with Sprints
  • Encourage Deep Entry Angle
  • Durable Plastic with Adjustable Rubber Tubing
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