Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow

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About Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow

Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow
The Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow features a single blade design with its Technique Channels which controls flex of the fin and inspires correct foil movement. The Monofin, was developed with Zoomers design principles and materials to manage speed. The soft rubber blade of this Monofin allows several swimmers to safely swim in a single lane and it makes the fin comfortable to wear for all ages and of all skills. The Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow is made of lightweight material, has an open toe and heel design, and has a large spectrum of foot sizes to ensure a secure fit. A swimmer can use his or her entire body to create a very powerful and beautiful undulating dolphin kick through the water. This Foil Monofin promotes an equal use of up and down kicks for propulsion throughout the entire dolphin kick movement. It is really enjoyable, just try it.

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Finis Foil Monofin, Yellow Features

  • Single Blade Design
  • Technique Channels
  • Zoomers Technology
  • Works Core and Leg Muscles
  • Open Toe and Heel Design
  • Made of lightweight material
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