Finis Swimmers Snorkel Blue

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Blue Features

The FINIS Center Mount Swimmer's Snorkel over the face design allows a swimmer to use goggles while swimming with a snorkel This design reduces drag and tension otherwise felt with side mount snorkels Swimmers with neck, back, or shoulder problems can swim with reduced tension on the injured area because they do not have to turn their head to breathe

Allowing the swimmer to keep their face down in the water and concentrate on andwatch their stroke is a great way to improve on stroke mechanics With significant training, proper stroke technique, body position, balance, and streamline positioning can be committed to memory In freestyle, a coach can observe head position and body roll In butterfly, the swimmer can concentrate on finishing the arm stroke by eliminating the effort involved in the breathing cycle

Using a snorkel forces the lungs to work harder and increases aerobic conditioning The distance the air has to travel to get to and from the lungs isincreased by the length of the snorkel This forces the swimmer to develop a stronger inhale and exhale while swimming As the lungs develop, fewer breaths will be needed for each lap, which will reduce times Because dead air can be trapped in the snorkel, the lungs also learn to buffer CO2 which can greatly assist in hypoxic development Training with a snorkel can be considered similarto altitude training

The snorkel can be used at all times or for specific sets As the lungs develop,longer sets will become easier Completing a flip turn requires the swimmer to exhale through the nose A nose clip may be necessary in the beginning until thetechnique is developed Snorkel has a medical grade silicone mouthpiece for maximum comfort and durability Snorkel is equipped with a one-way purge valve for easy clearing of water in the tube

Watch a Demo of the Swimmers Snorkel in action

Key Features

  • Ideal for all levels of swimming.
  • Medical grade silicone mouth piece.
  • One way purge valve for easy cleaning of water in the tube.
  • Ages 12 and up.
  • Reduces Drag and Tension of Side Snorkel
  • Great for Neck, Shoulder and Back Injury Therapy
  • Improves Stroke Mechanics
  • Helps Develop Stronger Inhalation/Exhalation
  • Assist in Hypoxic Development
  • Similar to Altitude Training

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(888) 333-4647

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