Faber High Pressure Steel Tank

Faber High Pressure Steel Tank Features

What's in the box: Faber Tank, Din/K type Valve, Tank Boot. (DIN/K Convertible Valve with White Tanks, XS Scuba PRO valve with safety handwheel with the Metal Grey tanks)

If you are not using steel cylinders, try to use one and you will soon realize what you have been missing.

Faber can offer you the most comprehensive range of cylinders for Scuba Diving. Every year we produce and sell around the world 100.000 cylinders for scuba diving (out of 600.000 in totals). No other manufacturer in the world can match our capabilities and the breadth of our range. Faber Tanks and valves are nitrox ready.

White Cylinders come equipped with a DIN/K type valve, (Metal Grey Cylinders come equipped with XS Scuba PRO valve with Safety handwheel) that easily converts back and forth depending on the type of First-Stage Regulator to be used in conjunction with the cylinder increasing the versatility of the tank. Steel cylinders are heavier then the same capacity aluminum cylinder. This characteristic has many advantages. The heavier construction allows the diver to remove lead weight from their weight belt or integrated weight system of the BCD, allowing the diver to better distribute weight by moving it to the rear of the BCD a great advantage when wearing a back inflation style (Wing) BCD.

Aluminum cylinders as we breathe the weight of air from them create positive buoyancy at or near the end of a dive. The steel cylinder with its negative buoyancy throughout the dive allows you to shed the excess lead that is required to keep you properly trimmed while you dive an aluminum cylinder. Faber HP cylinders have a round bottom and come equipped with a cylinder boot. 15 CF, 23CF No Tank Boot Available, 40 CF Tank Boot not Included

When shipped the tanks valves will be removed and the tank will require re-inspection before being filled

The Faber High Pressure Steel Tank is commonly used for Open Water, Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Cave Diving and more. The Faber High Pressure Steel Tank is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Professional among others. The Faber High Pressure Steel Tank is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Faber High Pressure Steel Tank: Large Capacity, Easy To Use, Lightweight.

Key Features

  • Most Widely Sold Cylinder Type
  • Nitrox Ready
  • Great Buoyancy Characteristics
  • DIN/K Convertible Valve with White Tanks
  • XS Scuba PRO valve with safety handwheel with the Metal Grey tanks
  • Allows Diving with Less Lead
  • Better Weight Distribution
  • Buoyancy Better for back Inflation Style BCD's (Wings)
  • Equipped with Cylinder Boot

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 48 months.

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