Equinox SeaPix 5.0mp Digital Camera & Housing + FREE $25 Digital Prints Gift Card

Equinox SeaPix 5.0mp Digital Camera & Housing + FREE $25 Digital Prints Gift Card Features

What's in the box: - $25 digital prints gift card , SeaPix (5.0 megapixel) Digital Camera with Housing , Soft Case , Ballast bar , Strap , Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, Compact AC Adapter , Software CD-Rom , USB Cable , TV out Cable , User Manual , Quick Start Guide , Equinox 1 Year Warranty

SEAPIX specifications
Depth Rating: 50 meters
Material: Polycarbonate
Buoyancy: Close to neutral with ballast
Weight: 1 5 lbs without ballast / 3 lbs with ballast
Seal: O-ring
Sealing mechanism: Hinge with latch and lock
Controls: Push button
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 4 75 x 6 30 x 4 75
Controls: Power (stand by), Shutter, Zoom (in/out), Review

Key Features

  • Camera Features:
    Reliable Sony 5.25 mega-pixel CCD processor
  • Bright, variable power, 1.5in. Sony TFT LCD panel for clear, precise composition
  • Samsung 3X optical zoom lens, and 4X digital zoom to reel in your subject
  • Macro down to 4in (10cm) for unsurpassed close-up detail
  • Automatic focusing for crisp, clear pictures
  • 16 mega-bytes of built-in memory for instant picture taking
  • Rechargeable li-ion battery includes charger for long life and cost savings
  • Secure Digital memory card slot to increase memory capacity
  • Movie mode video recording to capture in motion that once in a lifetime event
  • Camera housing has tough metal frame

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 36 months.

(888) 438-8943

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