DVD Experience Relex On Cozumel,Mexico

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About DVD Experience Relex On Cozumel,Mexico

Intriguing for all ages, and for anyone who want to relax by watching and enjoying long and undisturbed video clips and images of a beautiful tropical island, animals and the ocean; all with gentle, natural sounds. This set takes you for a relaxed journey to Cozumel, Mexico. Whether on land or sea, the sight sand sounds of this tropical haven are certain to enthrall, entertain and relax travelers, divers, ecologists, snorkelers, professionals, and students alike
Contents: On video and in pictures, you'll witness firsthand a SCUBA diver's view of the Cozumel Island, in Mexico. Whilst enjoying nature's sounds, you'll enjoy several different relaxing sites.

Duo DVD Package:
First DVD-ROM: Aprox. 40 min. - NTSC video standard definition (SD) DVD. Widescreen or regular (not narrated, documentary style with original sounds).

Second DVD-ROM: 111 Hi-Res. Images / Photos (in best quality JPG format). - Viewable as a computer slide show, or with many TV / DVD slideshow software (slide show software not included) - Images up-to 12 mega pixels, high res. screen is recommended, but not necessary. (Note: the photos include a few artistic shots, that mimic watercolor, dry brush and other painting styles with beautiful colors. Great for screen savers!)

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