DVD Palau Experience 8 DVD Boxset Vol.2

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About DVD Palau Experience 8 DVD Boxset Vol.2

Palau Experience: Volume 2: Diving Coral Gardens, Blue Corner, Blue Hole, Ulong & German Channel, Ulong Island Kayaking & Snorkeling, Palau Island Tours, and an Interactive Map with 360 Panoramas in the Republic of Palau, Micronesia (8 DVD Box-Set 2, Vol.2)

Intriguing for all ages and for anyone who loves eco-travel, SCUBA diving, the diversity of tropical land and ocean; this set showcases both the exciting and the laid-back sides of Palau, in Micronesia in the Pacific. Whether on land or sea, the sights and sounds of this tropical haven are certain to enthrall and entertain eco-travelers, divers, ecologists, environmentalists, professionals, and students alike.

In videos, in pictures, and in 360 degree interactive talking panoramas you'll witness firsthand a sustainable green engineer's and SCUBA divers view of Palau. Whilst enjoying nature's sounds accompanied by music, you'll enjoy several world famous dive sites, land tours, interviews with locals in Palau. Paul Ranky, PhD is an internationally known eco-traveler, PADI certified rescue diver, professional engineer, internationally published bestseller author (New York City), HD video producer and photographer, editor, National Geographic Panel Member and USA university professor. He has travelled the globe for over 35 years. In 2011, well --known National Geographic Traveler photographer Michael Melford commented on his work as 'beautiful, and 'great!'.

This Box-Set Includes: 6 Videos on 6 DVD-ROMs: (all play times are approximate): Palau Dives P1 & P2 (43 and 34 min), Palau Kayaking Tours P1 & P2 (56 and 53 min), Palau Island Tour P1 & P2 (48 and 63 min). Each video was shot in full HD digital NTSC and then rendered in standard definition (SD) DVD. Four videos are also included in mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPod, iPhone) playable* MPG4 (.m4v) QuickTime formats. (Check for compatibility with your device).Set is also available in HD format. 360 Degree Interactive Panoramas: Internet browser (with Flash and Quicktime) readable interactive map of Palau with 360 degree panoramas, images, videos and interactive PanoCubeGames, and others of various sites and areas of interest. One DVD with Hi-Res. Artistic & Documentary Style Images (in max. quality Photoshop JPG format), including Palau Diving (180 images), Palau Island Tour (215 images), Palau Royal Resort (PRR) Garden (99 images) and four mobile media videos.

DVD Palau Experience 8 DVD Boxset Vol.2 Features

  • Palau 8 DVD Box Set
  • Both Underwater and Top Side Features
  • Videos, in Pictures, and 360 Degree Interactive Talking Panoramas
  • Sustainable Green Engineer's and Scuba Divers View of Palau
  • Nature's Sounds Accompanied by Music
  • Enjoy Several World Famous Dive Sites
  • Interviews with Locals in Palau
  • Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Paul G. Ranky, PhD
  • Internationally Known Eco-Traveler
  • National Geographic Panel Member
  • Grat Way to Plan Vacation
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