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About DVD Diving Cozumel Mexico

Diving Cozumel Mexico is the essential video guide for any diver planning on visiting this enchanting Caribbean destination.

Most dive travel videos are short presentations offering a brief overview of a destination. In contrast, this unique DVD is intended to equip the dive traveler with valuable information to make your first trip the best trip. It is, by far, the most complete guide for dive travel to Cozumel Mexico.

Grand Tour:
Get to know the island, its people and its history. Packed with inside information, you'll find out how to choose the right hotel and the right dive operation to make the best of your dive vacation. Find out the best known restaurants as well as when and where to find the fun. Take a tour of the reefs around the island with inspiring underwater footage of some of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean as well as a look at the less dived eastern reefs and the mysterious cenotes along the nearby Yucatan peninsula.

The Dive Sites Close Up:
The specially designed dive section is a window into the divers world through a unique menu driven dive map. You choose the site and your taken on a private and detailed tour of each site. Your given dive path, side profile, ratings, depth profile, and of course captivating footage showing you what you can expect to see on your dive.

Do not make travels plans without first seeing this video!

Length aprox 2 Hours

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