Choosing and Using Dive Computers, DVD

Choosing and Using Dive Computers, DVD Features

New DVD Video Helps Divers to Select and Use Dive Computers

Choosing and Using Dive Computers is the DVD for anyone who's interested in purchasing a dive computer, or wants a better understanding of how to use the dive computer they already own. This exciting and entertaining video explains the features of dive computers and how they work, with different models of computers shown under actual field conditions. The program takes you from the clear waters of the Caribbean to the cold waters off the coast of California, and inside the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber where dive computers are tested.

Choosing and Using Dive Computers starts with the premise that there is no single "best" dive computer for all divers, but there are at least one or two dive computers that will best suit your individual needs and the way that you dive.

The program includes the following segments:

Features of dive computers

Selecting the dive computer that is best for you

Using your dive computer

An introduction to nitrox diving with dive computers

Emergencies with dive computers

Maintaining Your Dive Computer

Downloading the data from your dive computer

Bonus Featurette, Behind the Scenes

Choosing and Using Dive Computers was produced not just to help divers select a dive computer this year, but in the future, too. No specific models or brands of dive computers are endorsed, but the best features of each model appear in the program.

The program was directed and shot by Steve Barsky of Hammerhead Video and produced by Kristine Barsky. It includes dive computers from AquaLung/Suunto, Cochran Consulting, DiveRite, Oceanic, and Scubapro/Uwatec.

The video is an all region DVD that was shot in standard definition, full screen format. It will also play in most personal computers equipped with a DVD player.
The program is 43 minutes long, and the Featurette is another 15 minutes.
ISBN Number 978-0-9740923-4-8.