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California Marine Life Identification on DVD.

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About California Marine Life Identification on DVD.

This marine biology DVD video for scuba divers is your ultimate guide to the marine life found off the California coast. If you're interested in sea life this is the DVD for you!

Do you know the differences between a seal and a sea lion?

Do you know where to find a sea pen or a sea pansy?

If you can't answer "yes!" to all of the above questions, then you need to watch California Marine Life Identification on DVD.

In this fast moving video, you'll learn how to identify many of the most common marine creatures seen underwater off the California coast.

More than 80 species of marine plants and animals are included in this program. The following is just a partial list of what you will see...
Abalone,- Anemones,- Bat Ray,- Black Sea Bass,
- Blacksmith,- Calico Bass,- California Halibut,- Chestnut Cowry,- Dead Man's Fingers,- Elephant Seals,- Elk Kelp,
- Garibaldi,- Giant Kelp,- Gobies,- Gorgonians,- Halfmoons,
- Harbor Seals,- Horn Shark,- Kellett's Whelk,- Kelp Greenling,- Keyhole Limpet,- Lingcod,- Market Squid,
- Nudibranchs,- Oar Weed,- Octopus,- Opaleye,- Pile Perch,- Purple Coral,- Rock Scallop,- Rock Wrasse,
- Rockfish,- Sand Dollars,- Sardines,- Sea cucumber,- Sea Hare,- Sea Lion,- Sea Otter,- Sea Palm,- Sea Pansy,- Sea Pen,- Sea Stars,- Sea Urchins,- Senoritas,- Sheephead,
- Spider Crab,- Sponges,- Surf grass,- Surfperch,- Swell shark,- Treefish,- Wavy turban,-
Hosted by Kristine Barsky, a professional marine biologist, with over 30 years of diving experience, you'll find this video both entertaining and educational. Watch this video today, so you'll be ready to identify marine life the next time you go diving!
Run Time: 45 Minutes

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