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About Careers in Diving DVD

Hammerhead Video is pleased to announce the release of their latest DVD video entitled, Careers in Diving. More than a year in the making, with segments filmed in California, Washington, and Little Cayman, the program offers a look into the careers of 17 different people who all work in careers where diving is central to their jobs.

If you love the ocean, being outdoors, traveling, and meeting interesting people, then a career in diving might just be for you! Through the use of interviews, photographs, and on-the-job footage, the film explores what it's like to work in varying underwater careers. You'll also hear the positive and negative aspects of each job, although unanimously, each person interviewed is enthusiastic about what they do. This is an ideal program for any young person considering a marine oriented career.

Careers in Diving was written, directed and filmed by Steven M. Barsky, a full-time professional in the diving field, who has worked as a commercial diver, underwater photographer, diving author, and diving consultant. The film was produced by Kristine Barsky, a professional marine biologist who was worked on the research and management of several different marine species in California

The run time for the program 125 minutes. The disk also includes several bonus features including delected scenes as well director and producer bios. The program is delivered as a Standard Definition 16X9 DVD video. ISBN 978-0-9740923-7-9,

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