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About Cenote Doggi Cave Diving DVD

This film is the story of the discovery and exploration of one of Mexico's most decorated cave systems, a journey few have taken to a place untouched since the dawn of geological time. Cenote Doggi is a geological wonderland with many different areas.

From the Southwest's heavily decorated passages, where you will be constantly zig- zagging between never ending rows of columns and speleotherms, to the south section were a constantly changing landscape features geological formations that have wildly varying shapes and colors.

The North is very different to the rest of the cave system, the color is predominantly yellow and dark brown and the many low bedding planes and tight restrictions make this section a fun and challenging dive. The West section is potentially the most decorated in Doggi and also features wider passages as you get further in, the color is mostly white but there are many tannic areas where dark stained formations add a touch of spookiness to the dive.

The Tripline is an insane section at the end of the west line and is for lack of a better description the cave diving equivalent of a psychedelic acid trip. With a constantly changing landscape of formations in all colors and shapes, super decorated low bedding planes, rooms and dripstone covered breakdown this section is... a trip.

Deep in the jungle Cenote Style, sistema Doggi's second entrance, has been the launching point for extended explorations of the system. Here the cave really starts to open up and features some of the wildest looking passages, geologically more active in the distant past, Style features huge columns, impossibly shaped decorations and strange mystical tunnels.

Featuring actual true exploration footage, action packed cave diving and each section filmed with the kind of quality you have come to expect from Aquavista Films, this DVD is guaranteed to take you on an unforgettable diving pilgrimage to places that are the geological equivalent of a dense rain forest.

Cenote Doggi Cave Diving DVD Features

  • The Discovery and Exploration of one of Mexico's Most Decorated Cave Systems
  • Untouched Since the Dawn of Geological Time
  • Cenote Doggi is a Geological Wonderland
  • Southwest's Heavily Decorated Passages:
    Zig- Zagging between Never-Ending Rows of Columns and Speleotherms
    Constantly Changing Landscape
    Geological Formations that have Wildly Varying Shapes and Colors
  • The North:
    Very Different to the Rest of the Cave System
    Color is Predominantly Yellow and Dark Brown
    Low Bedding Planes and Tight Restrictions
    Fun and Challenging Dive
  • The West:
    Potentially the Most Decorated
    Wider Passages Further-In
    Mostly White, Tannic Areas, Dark Stained Formations Add a Touch of Spookiness
  • The Tripline:
    Insane Section at End of West Line
    Cave Diving Equivalent of Psychedelic Acid Trip
    Constantly Changing Landscape of Formations in All Colors and Shapes
    Super Decorated Low Bedding Planes
    Rooms and Dripstone Covered Breakdown this Section is... a Trip
  • Deep in the Jungle Cenote Style:
    Sistema Doggi's Second Entrance
    Launching Point for Extended Explorations of System
    Cave Really Starts to Open-Up and Features Wildest Looking Passages
    Geologically Active in the Distant Past
    Huge Columns, Impossibly Shaped Decorations and Strange Mystical Tunnels
  • Featuring Actual True Exploration Footage, Action Packed Cave Diving
  • Each Section Filmed with the Kind of Quality you have Come-to-Expect
  • DVD is Guaranteed to Take-You-On an Unforgettable Diving Pilgrimage
  • Geological Equivalent of Dense Rain Forest
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