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About DVD Indonesia - Dive Travel Video Adventure Series


Join us on this special one hour edition of Dive Travel as we take you to Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi Indonesia. Upon arrival we stay at Cocotinos Resort, ( and Odyssea Divers, a small beach resort in picturesque Wori Bay, North Sulawesi, in the heart of Kima Bajo overlooking Bunaken National Marine Park, just 20 minutes from the Manado airport.

We spend 3 weeks touring the Manado area, including 12 days aboard the luxury dive boat "Ocean Rover,"( making 40 dives from Manado, north to Sangihe Island. The Ocean Rover is known to those who have been out diving with her as Valet Diving at its Best. With a maximum of 16 passengers/13 crew you never need to lift your gear. Maid Service, delicious meals and snacks, up to 5 dives per day and fully air-conditioned just to name a few of the amenities.

Included in our travel was Lembeh Strait, Biaro Island, Ruang and Tagulandang Islands, Siau Island and Para Island, Mehengetang Island (an underwater volcano), Kahakitang Island, Bangka Island, Pulisan (Mainland), Bunaken NationalMarine Park, Minahasa area and Poopo. This is a paradise for macro enthusiasts and still photographers.

With an incredible array of fascinating macro marine life found on what's known as "muck dives" which captivate all divers' interest.

We also visit an active underwater volcano and witness its hot stream of warm bubbles rising from the hot rocks. We visit the famous hot springs, tour an inland sulfur filled lake that changes colors, and walk thru the lush foliage and humid, deep Indonesia jungle where we approach a tribe of native Crested Black Macaques Monkeys, only found on two islands here. We also visit a tree, housing the Tarsier Monkeys, the smallest monkeys on the planet.

We also visit the local markets, historic cemeteries, vegetable farmlands, rice fields and fish farms, while viewing the beautiful rolling countryside and find farmers with oxen pulling old wooden carts.

DVD Indonesia - Dive Travel Video Adventure Series Features

  • Full Color DVD
  • Get to Know Where You're Going
  • Great to Preview Vacation Plans
  • Information on Climate, Accommodations and Activities
  • Dive Sites and Live Aboard Previews
  • A Must for the Serious Traveler
  • Run Time Between 30-60 Min
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