De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn

De Soto
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About De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn

De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn
Enhance your swimming by using this De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn. This Bigjohn comes in various sizes, giving you ample choices so that you can find the one that fits you best. It features stretch 5 mm. thickness for superior performance, when you most need it. It has bib straps that you use over your trapezium, so that your reach is not limited and to keep your shoulders from getting tired. It allows you to swim faster, which comes in handy, especially when you are competing. Its GreenGoma #9 Rubber with Super Composite Skin rubber makes it warm and highly reliable. Its build also makes it very durable, so that you get to use it for a very long time. This Bibjohn has elliptical leg openings, allowing you to put it on and take it off easier than others. Take your swimming to another level with this De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn.

De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn Features

  • Stretchy 5mm thickness
  • 3mm Bib straps
  • Chlorine resistant treatment
  • Eliptical leg and lower profile Bibjohn straps

De Soto T1 First Wave Bibjohn Specifications

Nylon Lycra
Uv Protection
Nylon Lycra
Available in the Following Sizes:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Weight [with packaging]
1: 0.01 lb,
2: 1.8 lb,
3: 1.9 lb,
4: 2.1 lb,
5, 6: 2.3 lb,
7: 2.65 lb
Mfr #
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