Deep See 6.5MM Kevlar 3-Finger Mitt

Deep See 6.5MM Kevlar 3-Finger Mitt Features

Deep-See's 6 5mm Kevlar 3-Finger Mitt will keep your hands warm on a cold dive with its See-Flex Neoprene Rubber Material, and 3-Finger Mitt with Thumb and Forefinger free for dexterity by lowering your hands surface area exposure to the water To increase warmth even more the extra long Gauntlet Style Wriest with Adjustable Velcro Band will minimize water exchange Durable Kevlar on Palm, Fingers and Back of Fingertips for Superior Abrasion Resistance means you will be wearing these gloves for a long time

Key Features

  • seeflex neoprene with terry plush inside.
  • 3-Finger mitt with thumb & forefinger free for dexterity.
  • Extra long gauntlet style wrist for warmth.
  • Durable Kevlar on palms, fingers & back of fingertips for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Clinches with an adjustable velcro band.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.