Dive Rite Cold Water Z Knife - Daisy Chain Clip

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About Dive Rite Cold Water Z Knife - Daisy Chain Clip

The Dive Rite Cold Water Z-Knife is the Preference of Cold-Water Divers Wearing Gloves. The Handle is Large-and-Easy to Grip when Thick-Gloves are used. Sharper than a Standard Dive Knife, the Cold Water Z-Knife is preferred for Cutting thru Monofilament and Braided Line. With a User-Replaceable Blade, the Cold Water Z-Knife includes 2- Replacement Blades.

Coordinating with Dive Rite's New-Line of Harness Pockets is Dive Rite's unique Cutting Device Sheaths that Snap into Dive Rite's Pocket Daisy-Chain Loops Using Heavy-Duty Annex Clips that Slip-through-Daisy Chain Loops and Snap-into-Place. These Clips are Rugged and won't come Unclasped Underwater. To remove, you must Pinch-the-Ends Slightly to get the Clip to Release-Easy enough, but not so easy that it comes undone all on its own The Sheath Clip will also Close-Around Regulator Hose Retainers, Wrist Straps, Gaiters or a Chest Strap If desired, the Annex Clips can be removed and the Sheath worn on a standard 2" (5 cm) Waist Belt Webbing. A Quick-Release Velcro Lanyard keeps the Z-Knife Firmly-in-Place.

The 440-Grade Stainless Steel Knife Blade can be replaced with any Utility Knife Blade. The Pouch is made from Durable Nylon Fabric with Taped and Sewn Edges for added Strength. The Pouch measures (L x W) 7" x 3" (17 x 7.6 cm) and the Knife is 8" (20 cm) in Length. The Knife with Pouch weighs 4.4 oz (125 g). The Pouch is Bright Red in color, Quick-Release Lanyard is equipped with a Utility D-Ring and the product is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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