Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case

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About Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case

Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 CaseDry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case is a different and unique from other cases. It is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of the MP3, Phone, and camera while keeping it dry. Just pump out the air from inside, and it will simply vacuum seal around the contents and become completely waterproof. The air tight seal guarantees the contents of the bag will be dry even up to 30 Ft. underwater. There is an integrated connection for stereo and microphone jack. The bag can be used under extreme activity, with an arm band for water sports. It supports all the functions of electronic devices. And also is crystal clear for perfect photos. Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case is useful in all water activities.

Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case Features

  • Completely Waterproof Case 100' (30 Meters)
  • Fit Most Electronic Hand Devises
  • Allows complete use of your cell phone, MP3 player or camera while keeping it dry
  • Waterproof Vacuum Seal
  • Simply pump out all the air with the easy to use hand pump
  • Flexible and Crystal Clear for Photo's
  • An air tight seal guarantees the contents of the bag will stay dry even when underwater
  • Allows Full Function of Electronic Devise
  • Comes with extreme activity arm band for water sports
  • Stereo and Microphone Jack
  • This case is crystal clear so you can even take pictures through it
  • Buoyant Armband

Dry Case Waterproof Phone, Camera & MP3 Case Specifications

0.4 Lb
Crystal Clear
Vacuum Seal
Electronic Device Functions
Stereo And Microphone Jack
Buoyant Armband
Fit Most Electronic Hand Devises
Mfr #

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Questions about this item:

Shopper  Does this really work? 30 meters, really? Any other product thats tested to work? What about igills? You don't want your expensive iPhone to get killed under water.
lomipoke .  I mainly used it to protect my phone from saltair and water when fishing. I fish every week. Went through 3 of them in the last couple of years. One of them the wire connection failed and the other two began to leak and lose the vacuum. The last one the welded seam on the top of the case came apart. (I don't hang it from my neck but put it in my fanny pack. so there is not much wear and tear and banging around - but they still fail). The good thing is that the company replaced the first two because they failed within a year. When it works, it's great, but when it fails just hope you are not underwater.......
Shopper  I'm trying to decide what to get. Why did you pick this one?
omar q  I pick this one for use my GPS while spearfishing as it is the best rated for depth accomodation. But after many dives it fail. when the water get inside the case I think the negative pressure inside the case force the water to enter inside the air in the GPS device. But what i really know that the water get inside my GPS device i can see the water behind the screen even just a minimal amount of water get inside the case damage it even the device is water proof for submerssion under 1 meter and I don not know where is the defect in my case. the wire was anoying for me. I did not like the clips it is expensive,you can buy agood water proof case with half price of it. But it is the best for iphone as the tight fit will let you use the touch screen easily.No any dry case can give you this advantage. I hope this awnser will help you.
Shopper  The case is approved to 100 feet but what about the electronics you put in it? Has anyone taken an Ipod touch or I phone to over 50 feet in this thing? I would want to hear from people that have tested the depth limits of this thing and with what did they have in it and did they function properly at depth?
Brett H  I haven't spoken to anyone that has taken items like these to depths past your typically 10-15 feet for snorkeling and swimming. With similar type cases you see buttons starting to get pressed at about 40-50 feet, which probably isn't much of an issue with an Ipod touch or Iphone.
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