Citizen BJ2004-08E 200 Meter Eco-Drive Aqualand Chronograph Stainless Steel with Gold Diving Watch

Citizen BJ2004-08E 200 Meter Eco-Drive Aqualand Chronograph Stainless Steel with Gold Diving Watch Features

What's in the box: Citizen BJ2004-08E Watch, 5 year Citizen US Warranty

Citizen Eco-Drive is fueled by light, it never needs a battery Eco-Drive it's unstoppable Eco-drive technology harnesses the power of light from any light source Both natural and artificial light are absorbed through the crystal and the dial, than a special solar cell converts light and stores it as energy the cell recharges continuously in any kind of light It runs for at least two months even in the dark

The Aqualand Chronograph has a 60-day power reserve, with a two day advanced lowcharge indicator and is accurate within +/- 15 seconds per month Watch charges in both sunlight and indoors The watch can tell you the correct depth to 125', has a maximum depth memory that is handy for logging your dives, and a one directional rotating elapsed-time bezel for safety The Eco-Drive is equipped with a 50-minute chronograph, 12-24 hour time formats with date A time reset advisory function, water resistant to 660' (200 Meters), a screw-back case and screw-down crown with rubber wrist band and it never needs a battery All makingthe Aqualand one sought after timepiece Watch purchase includes the five year US warranty

The Aqualand Eco-Drive is an analog solar powered diver's timepiece which has anelectronic depth meter and chronograph function built in The solar power generation function transforms solar energy into electrical energy to run the watch Since solar energy is used as the power source of this watch, it has no need of regular replacement of the battery unlike the general diver's watches using the mercury cell, etc The built-in depth meter function automatically measures the depth in diving with the watch worn on the wrist The maximum depthin diving is automatically memorized The chronograph function measures the time in units of one second for 50 minutes

Fully charging the watch with an overhead office light is usually insufficient, to achieve a full charge from a completely depleted power reserve, however, office light is sufficient for keeping the watch continually charged It is recommended to use natural outdoor light, or recharge indoors with an incandescent (3,000 Lux) bulb 20" away from the watch in 18 hours, outdoors, cloudy (10,000 Lux) 5 hours and outdoors, sunny (100,000 Lux) in 2 5 hours

Key Features

  • 60-Day Power Reserve
  • Charges in Sunlight or Indoors
  • Depth Display to 125 feet
  • Maximum Depth Memory
  • One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
  • 50-Minute Chronograph
  • 12-24 Hour Time
  • Advanced Low Charge Indicator (2 Days)
  • Date
  • 200 Meter Water Resistant
  • Screw-Back Case and Screw-Down Crown
  • Time Reset Advisory
  • Accuracy +/- 15 Seconds per Month
  • Rubber Wrist Band

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 60 months.
(800) 321-3173