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Cressi Alpha Dry Snorkel

Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $3 Donation

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About Cressi Alpha Dry Snorkel

Cressi Sub Alpha Dry Snorkel allows Divers to take every Breath with Confidence and Focus on the Reef-Below, not on worrying about Water in their Air-Way. A Generous Bore Contoured Tube provides Ample Airflow and a Lower Purge Valve enables Instant-Clearing if needed. The Alpha Snorkel's Profiled-Dry-Top Auto-Closes-when-Submerged not allowing Water Entry when you Surface Dive. Once you ascend back to the Water's Surface, you can Resume-Breathing from a Dry" Snorkel Tube. The Corrugated Flexible Tube Reduces Jaw Fatigue and the Flexible Tube allows the Mouthpiece to Drop-Away when not in use, making this one great Snorkel for Scuba Divers.

The High-Quality Removable and Replaceable Silicone Mouthpiece is Comfortable and Durable. The Mouthpiece is also Angled further Reduces Jaw Fatigue. The Alpha Snorkels Streamlined Design Reduces Drag while Snorkeling and the Adjustable Clip for Securing the Snorkel to your Mask has its own Streamlined Shape to Further Reduces Drag in the Water. The Snorkel is available in Multiple-Color Choices, is Italian made and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

DIVE PINK & FIGHT BREST CANCER! For every Pink Snorkel $3 will be donated to fight breast cancer.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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