Cressi-Sub S111 R C-Trim System Buoyancy Compensator

Cressi-Sub S111 R C-Trim System Buoyancy Compensator Features

The most popular Cressi jacket, which gives peak performance on every dive

The new C-Trim System weight pockets are created in the back of the main pocket, thus providing an excellent hydrodynamic profile The weight is added to special, large size removable pockets These are now situated on the front and are slanted so as to guarantee perfect buoyancy and to assist in removing weight Attachment of the special pockets is ensured by a large Velcro zone, assisted by a snap fastener made from YKK techno-polymer

The backpack is completely new, anatomic, light and very robust The rear part incorporates an elastomer non-slip element, to make sure the tank stays put, and this is assisted by a second adjustable strap to attach around the neck of the tank or the valve The upper side has a strong handle to carry the whole unit
Like the J111R the S111R is a unique product that combines the performance features of back inflation with the comfort of a torso adjustable BCD A fully weight integrated BCD, the J111R incorporates a self-expanding gusseted bladder that offers increased buoyancy around the tank, allowing for proper buoyancy control while swimming Cressi-sub's unique C-Trim Weight System is utilized allowing for proper weight distribution along with easy weight ejection Easy to operate two inch strapping and buckles are featured along with a six inch wide depth compensating cummerbund
500 denier cordura bladder material, Large volume contoured bladder with self-adjusting Marine Balance System, New contoured padded backpack, Large accessory pockets, New large capacity C-Trim Weight System, Rear trim weights with quick release buckles

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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