Cressi Giotto 3 Gauge Console (Imperial)

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  • Complete unit for safe computer assisted dive
  • Dive computer, compass, and pressure gauge
  • Easy to program air, nitrox and gauge modes
  • Large numerical displays with Imperial units
  • Versatile memory (logbook 70 hr or 60 dives)
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About Cressi Giotto 3 Gauge Console (Imperial)

Giotto is the first Mixed Gas Dive Computer Designed-and-Built Entirely by Cressi. Giotto's 3-Button Interface makes it effortless to Program Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes from the first time a diver picks the computer up. The High-Definition Screen has Large Numerical Displays in a Computer that is still Compact-and-Travel-Friendly. The Clearly Visible Battery Life Indicator and Distinct Audible Alarms deliver Critical Information as well as Peace-of-Mind during the Dive. The Giotto can also be Fully-Re-Set after each use, making it an excellent choice for Rental Departments.

The Cressi Giotto Computer has a new Algorithm created through a Collaboration between Cressi and Bruce Wienke based on the Haldane Model, Integrated with RGBM Factors for Safe Decompression Calculations in Repetitive Multi-Day Dives and with Gas Mixtures. The Software handles Two-Different Hyper-Oxygenated Mixtures, which can be selected during the dive.

The computer Giotto by Cressi is a Recreational Advanced Tool. It will provide all the necessary information Depth, Dive Times, possible need of Decompression, Ascent Rate, and all the Surface Intervals between dives. Nitrogen Absorption-and-Release is continuously processed by its Sophisticated Software, taking into account the Quantity of Inert Gas contained in the different Mixtures that can be used. This information is shown on the Device's Large Display via the PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) System that allows an Easy-and-Direct "Dialogue" between the Diver and the Computer, ensuring a Clear-Understanding of all the Data needed at any given time and a Perfect Readability in any situation.

The Computer is provided with 12/24 Hour Format Clock, Calendar and a Versatile Dive Memory (logbook 70 hr or 60 dives). The Mathematical Model of Giotto can make Saturation and De-Saturation Calculations of Dives carried out both with Air and with NITROX in any moment of the dive. In this last case you can set all the parameters related to the mixture of your dive: from the maximum allowed PO2 Value from between 17.4 to 23.2 psi (1.2 bars and 1.6 bars), to the Mixture's Oxygen Percentage (FO2): between 21% and 99% of O2 Additionally, the Device may be set by the user for either metric (m- C) or feet system (ft- F).

The Giotto Dive Computer has a Backlight Function for Low Light or Night Diving Conditions, Displays Depth to 393' (120 meters), is Altitude Adjustable and has a User Replaceable 3-Volt CR2430 Battery. The Computer comes with a Gauge Face Guard, measures (D x H) 2 6" x 1" (65 x 27 mm) and weighs 4.77 oz (135 g). The Computer also comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty. The Mini-Manometer Pressure Gauge Luminescent Dial reads from 0 to 5000 psi For At-a-Glance Monitoring of Air. The Instruments Face is divided into three different Colored Zones: the area from 600 psi and below is Highlighted-in-Red with a Solid-Bar and Red Stripes. If the Gauge is used on Deeper Dives, the Red-Scale Extends and fades to 1,300 psi, this provides for Added-Reserve-Air Indication required at Greater-Depths From 600 to approximately 3,000 psi is Green and from 3,000 to end of scale is Blue.

The Front Glass Lens is made to act as a Pressure Relief Valve. In the event of a sudden Increase-in-Pressure inside the Instrument, the Glass-Rises-Slightly, allowing the Excess-Pressure to Escape. The Instruments are Housed in a Small, Modern Shaped Console Boot, made from Polycarbonate and Desmopan, (a Thermoplastic Polyurethane) two materials that guarantee protection from Shocks, Scratches and which, at the same time, is very Lightweight. The Pressure Gauge Housing is Durable Chrome Plated Brass. The Gauge Boot has an Attachment Point for a Clip or Lanyard. The Pressure Gauge is equipped with a 7/16" Threaded High Pressure Hose.

Many divers take Compasses for Granted, considering them just an Accessory to their Overall Gear Set-Up. Trying to Navigate with a Poorly-Designed or Improperly-Functioning Compass can be one of Diving's more Frustrating-Events. The Cressi Compass is an Oil Filled Compass, Robust and Accurate for Underwater Navigation that ensures Accuracy and Durability for a long time. The Cressi Compass is actually a Dual Purpose Compass. The convenient Side Window allows Quick Reference of Large, Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators on a Luminescent Display for Gun-Sight Accuracy Or, for divers who prefer Relative Navigation. The Ratchet Bezel can be Rotated-Easily even with thick neoprene gloves. The Luminous Dial of the Compass is designed with a Half Black / Half Luminous Graphic to make Quick-Work of Compass Direction, especially in Dim-Light.

The Compass Bezel has Compass Headings in 30 degrees Numbered Increments and Indicator Marks for every 10 degrees. Bezel has Twin Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass Course and a Lubber Line across the Compass Face. The Compass Case is manufactured from a Scratch Resistance Polycarbonate for Strength and Durability. Both the Pressure Gauge and Compass are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 338-9143

Cressi Giotto 3 Gauge Console (Imperial) Features

  • Complete Console for Safe Computer Assisted Diving with Navigation
  • Polycarbonate and Desmopan Console Boot
  • Impact, Shock and Scratch Resistant
  • 7/16" Threaded H.P. Hose
  • Computer: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pressure Gauge & Compass: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Computer: Cressi Giotto
  • First Mixed Gas Dive Computer Designed-and-Built Entirely by Cressi
  • 3-Button Interface: Effortless to Program Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes
  • High-Definition Screen
  • Large Numerical Displays
  • Compact-and-Travel-Friendly
  • Battery Life Indicator and Distinct Audible Alarms: Deliver Critical Information & Peace-of-Mind
  • Full-Re-Set: Excellent Choice for Rental Departments
  • Algorithm: RGBM Algorithm, Bruce Wienke/Haldane Model
  • RGBM Factors for Safe Decompression Calculations in Repetitive Multi-Day Dives and with Gas Mixtures
  • Two-Different Hyper-Oxygenated Mixtures
  • Giotto by Cressi is a Recreational Advanced Tool
  • Displays: Depth, Dive Times, Decompression, Ascent Rate, Surface Intervals and Nitrogen Absorption-and-Release
  • Sophisticated Software
  • Large Display: PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) System
  • Easy-and-Direct "Dialogue" Between the Diver and Computer
  • Clear-Understanding of All Data Needed
  • Perfect Readability in Any Situation
  • 12/24 Hour Format Clock and Calendar
  • Versatile Dive Memory (logbook 70 hr or 60 dives)
  • Mathematical Model: For Saturation and De-Saturation Calculations of Dives on Air or NITROX
  • PO2 Value: Between 17.4 to 23.2 psi (1.2 bars and 1.6 bars)
  • Oxygen Percentage (FO2): Between 21% and 99% of O2
  • Imperial or Metric Measurements
  • Depth Display: 393' (120 meters)
  • Altitude Adjustable
  • User Replaceable 3-Volt CR2430 Battery
  • Gauge Face Guard
  • Computer Dimensions: (D x H) 2.6" x 1" (65 x 27 mm)
  • Computer Weight: 4.77 oz (135 g)
  • Pressure Gauge: Cressi Mini-Manometer
  • Pressure Gauge: Cressi Mini-Manometer Pressure Gauge
  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual
  • 5,000 psi Gauge Scale
  • Unique Glass Lens Pressure Relief Valve
  • Chrome Plated Brass Case
  • Luminescent Color Coded Dial
  • Colored Zones:
    0 to 600 psi Highlighted-in-Red, Solid-Bar and Red Stripes
    Deeper Dives Reserve: Red-Scale Extends and Fades to 1,300 psi
    Safe Air Zone: 600 psi to Approximately 3,000 psi Green and 3,000 psi to Full Scale is Blue
  • Cressi Compass Module:
  • Oil Filled Compass
  • Highly Accurate
  • Case: Scratch Resistance Polycarbonate
  • Top and Side Reading Design
  • Side Window for Quick Reference and Gun-Sight Accuracy
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators
  • High Visibility Lubber Line
  • Large Ratcheting Bezel with Direction and Reciprocal Index Points
  • Luminescent Display: Great in Limited Visibility and Low Light Conditions
  • Reliable Underwater Navigation
  • Headings in 30 Degrees Numbered Increments
  • Indicator Marks for Every 10 Degrees
  • Twin Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass Course
  • Dual Lubber Line
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