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About Churchill by Bladefish 2000

The High Tech Lithium-Ion Powered Bladefish looks like a Jet Engine, generating much more Power than Comparable Devices, and can be Recharged-in-a-Fraction of the Time. It can be Easily-Stowed in Luggage as it is much smaller than its Predecessors and is Highly Maneuverable and Compact. Most models weigh less than 1/2 of competitive Diver Propulsion Vehicle's (DPV's) on the market. The Squid 2000 gives you a bit more bang for your buck compared to its little brother the Squid 1000. The 2000 is Powered by Dual 12-Volt Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery that can be Fully Charged in 7 Hours to provide 60 minutes of Duration on a Charge. The Squid Runs at 450 RPM's with a Maximum Single Speed of 2.17 mph (3.5 km/h) and is Depth Rated to 65' (20 meters). The Bladefish 2000 measures 15.2" x 14.5" x 6.7" (38.6 x 36.8 x 17 cm), weighs 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg), is Positively Buoyant and comes with a 120 Volt AC Charger Unit, Carry Bag and Owner's Manual.

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This product has a limited warranty of 3 months.
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