Aquabionic Warp 1 Stainless Steel Straps


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About Aquabionic Warp 1 Stainless Steel Straps

Aquabionic Spring Straps have Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckles that are Compatible with those supplied with the Standard Rubber Strap, so exchange is fast and simple. The Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Heel Pad is Ergonomically-Designed for Comfort and Security. The Grip Loop is at an Offset-Angle that follows the Contour of the Heel in swimming position so that it neither Presses on the Achilles Tendon nor protrudes as a Catch Hazard. Inside the Stainless Steel Spring is a Strong Nylon Cord that Limits Stretch to avoid Stressing-the-Spring.

> Easy to use Springs Automatically Compensates for different Size-Feet and Boots. Spring Fin Straps are Depth Compensating because they will Compress-to-Changes in the Thickness of your Boots. Aquabionic Stainless Steel Fin Straps come in 2 sizes, Small/Regular and Large/X-Large. The Straps measure 8" (20 cm) or 9" (23 cm) at Rest and Stretch at Full Extension to 11" (28 cm) or 12 5" (32 cm). Straps are sold in pairs and are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months for parts and 24 months for labor.
(877) 412-7467

Aquabionic Warp 1 Stainless Steel Straps Features

  • Designed for Aquabionic Warp 1 Fins
  • Compatible with Fins Standard Rubber Strap
  • Easy to Install
  • Rugged and Anatomically Shaped Soft (TRP) Heel Pad is Comfortable to Wear
  • Angled Grip Loop Prevents Pressure on Achilles Tendon, Reduces Catch Hazard
  • Squeeze-Style Quick-Release Buckles
  • Buckles and Grip Loops for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Depth Compensating: Compress-to-Changes in Thickness of Boots
  • No-More Adjusting with a Rubber Strap!
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Springs
  • Strong Internal Nylon Cord, Limits Stretch, Avoids Stressing-the-Spring
  • 2 Sizes: Small/Regular or Large/X-Large
  • Length at Rest: Small/Regular 8" (20 cm), Large/X-Large 9" (23 cm)
  • Length at Full Extension: Small/Regular 11" (28 cm), Large/X-Large 12.5" (32 cm)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Aquabionic Warp 1 Stainless Steel Straps Specifications

Springs: Stainless Steel, Heel Pads: Thermoplastic Rubber (Tpr), Internal Cord: Nylon
Buckle Style
Squeeze-Style Quick-Release
Grip Tab
Yes, With Loops Grips
Available in the Following Sizes:
Regular/X-Large, Small/Regular
Overall Dimensions
Length At Rest: Small/Regular 8" (20 Cm), Large/X-Large 9" (23 Cm), Length At Full Extension: Small/Regular 11" (28 Cm), Large/X-Large 12.5" (32 Cm)
Aquabionic Warp 1 SS Spring Straps Chart
Length  in 8 9
cm 20 23
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