Reef Fish ID CD (3rd Edition)


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About Reef Fish ID CD (3rd Edition)

If you've ever tried to identify a fish that you've seen while diving or snorkelling, you know how important it is to have an accurate, comprehensive field guide However, the amount of material that can be printed in a book is limited by practical constraints such as size and weight

Computer software does not suffer from these limitations That's why when ReefNet decided to create the ultimate identification guide for Caribbean fishes, it decided to do it the high-tech way Reef Series: Vol 1 is the most comprehensive scientific reference of its kind Detailed descriptions, thousands of images and video clips, and a variety of interactive tools make this a truly unique product

Reef Fish ID CD (3rd Edition) Features

  • # of species 635+ distinct species from 101 families, fully described.
  • Photographs Nearly 2500 photographs. Each plate is 640x480 in 24-bit colour. Many species include photos of unusual phases or distinguishing characteristics.
  • Video clips Nearly 1000 carefully selected video clips illustrating important aspects of fish behaviour. That's 150 times as much as our competition! Videos can be resized to full-screen.
  • Drawings Detailed, annotated drawings accompany every description.
  • Audio Professionally-recorded pronunciations for every scientific name (families and species).
  • Search engine Extensive search capability utilizing key features such as: Shape, Colour (head, body, and/or tail), Behaviour, Habitat, Scientific, classification, Markings, Size, Family, ...and about 45 more!
  • Presentation tools A powerful Multimedia Show Designer. Organize and play your own shows using the vast database of photos and videos in our library. Add transitions between slides/clips, reorganize shows easily, and save them for later playback!
  • Learning tools Other helpful learning tools included in the program are:
    Fish identification quizzes. Customizable difficulty, scope, and duration. Includes fun sound effects.
  • 56 printable maps covering most of the islands in the Tropical West Atlantic region.
  • A Sightings log to keep track of the fish that you have seen (plus the ability to add a new fish to the log if it's not on our list).
  • Case studies, fish watching hints, and more!
  • References Apart from the species database, other important reference material is provided:
    Context-sensitive help
  • A glossary of scientific terms
  • Anatomical drawings and diagrams
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