Dive Master 2.0 Dive Log for Windows (Floppy Disk)


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About Dive Master 2.0 Dive Log for Windows (Floppy Disk)

Digitize your dive log

DiveMaster 2 0 is an inexpensive, easy to use, and full-featured diver's logbook for Windows PCs Designed for recreational divers who can't be bothered by endless options and difficult to use interfaces, DiveMaster places every important feature on the screen at once You can enter as much information or as little as you like and output easily to hardcopy for your records

Statistics and search tools make your electronic log much more useful that one kept on paper: you can easily find data and review trends in your diving to answer questions like "What depth do I most frequently dive to, and how long do I typically stay there?" or "Has my overall air consumption become better lately? By how much?"

In addition to dive logging, DiveMaster is equally capable of logging equipment details such as annual repairs, maintenance, serial numbers, etc in the built-in equipment log You can maintain a complete history for each piece of gear you own

Dive Master 2.0 Dive Log for Windows (Floppy Disk) Features

  • Support for metric and imperial units of measure.
  • Multiple logs with an unlimited number of dives each.
  • An equipment log to keep track of gear and servicing.
  • Pop-up help for all buttons and text entry boxes.
  • Validity checks for all numeric fields.
  • Comprehensive log statistics, including 4 histograms and your dive records. Improvements include a histogram of SAC values for up to 60 of your dives.
  • Large fonts and easy to understand prompts.
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