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Carter Open Bottom Lift Bags $34.95

About Carter Open Bottom Lift Bags

The Carter Open Bottom Lift Bags are very Versatile Light-to-Medium-Duty Lift Bags. They are excellent for Sport Divers, and are Suitable for most types of Underwater Lifting and Light Salvage. All but the 25 lb, 50 lb and 75 lb (11 36, 22 73 and 34 kg) Bags have Diver-Actuated Dump Valves, and all are Open at the Bottom to Vent Expanding Air as they ascend. They are Economical, Lightweight, and Fold into a Neat, Compact Roll for easy Handling Underwater. The 25 lb and 75 lb (11 36 and 34 kg) Bags are made from a Strong but Lighter Weight Urethane Coated Nylon Material that can be Rolled-Up very small.

All Carter Bags have One-or-More-Handles and Tie-Off Points to make them easy to Grasp-and-Secure both In-and-Out of Water. All Carter Bags are designed to be folded and rolled into compact, Negatively-Buoyant Rolls that are Easy-to-Handle and Deploy Underwater. The Over-Pressure Valves on all Carter Bags are designed to Adequately-Vent the Air from a Fully-Charged Bag on a Free-Ascent from any Depth.

The Carter Open Bottom Lift Bags are available in Multiple Lift Capacities from 25 lbs to 12,000 lbs (11 36 to 5,454 55 kg), measure (W x H) from 15" x 20" to 96" x 136" (38 x 50 8 to 243 8 x 345 4 cm). The Carter Bag 50, 100 and 200 lbs Bags are Yellow in color and come equipped with a Durable Brass Bolt Snap. The 300 to12,000 lb Bags are White in color. The 12,000 lb Bag is also equipped with a Brass Quick-Disconnect Fittings attached to a Short Filler Hose (connects to 1/4" pipe thread). All Carter Open Bottom Lift Bags are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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