Casio PAG40-3V Pathfinder Watch with Duplex LCD

Casio PAG40-3V Pathfinder Watch with Duplex LCD Features

If you are looking for a watch that can do almost anything for you the Pathfinder will show you the way! The Pathfinder not only tells you time but features a Digital Compass, Barometer, Altimeter, Thermometer and many other great tools First, we will look at its regular timekeeper functions

Watch digitally displays hours, minutes, seconds, AM/PM, the date and the day ofthe week It can be set in a 12/24 hour format, has five daily alarms, hourly time signal, and an alarm chronograph 1/100 second stopwatch with measuring modes of elapsed time, split time, and 1st and 2nd place time The stopwatch measuring capacity is 9:59'59 99" Watch display is a duplex LCD Auto calendar which is pre-programmed until the year 2039, watch is accurate +/- 15 seconds per month, uses four SR927W batteries for power and has an approximate battery life of 18 months

In addition the watch is water resistant to 330' (100 meters), is low temperature resistant to 14°F (-10°C), has an automatic electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow that can be activated by tilting the watch on your wrist 40 degrees towards you from the horizontal position illuminating the watchfor low light conditions This function can be deactivated if need be

The altimeter function measures altitudes from -2,300 to 32,800 ft (-7000 to 10,000 meters) in measuring units of 20' (5 meters) Altimeter has an auto memory function with up to 40 logged sets of altitude memory including date and temperature There is a target altitude alarm function with graphic display for target altitude and altitude tendency graph The altimeter also has a changeover function between feet and meters

The Pathfinder also has a built in barometer and thermometer The barometer has a measuring range of 7 65 inches of mercury (Hg) to 32 45 Hg (260 hectopascals [hPa] to 1,100 hPa), has measuring units of 0 05 inches of mercury (1 hectopascals), with a tendency graph display of atmospheric pressure and changeover ability between inches of mercury and hectopascals The thermometer has a measuring range of 14 to 140 degrees F (-10 to 60 C) in measuring units of0 2 F (0 1 C) and a changeover ability between Fahrenheit and Celsius

You can't get lost when you have your Pathfinder on your wrist with its built incompass How many times have you been told by someone to go north on Elm then head west on Oak etc, without a compass many of us can get lost The Pathfinderscompass has 16 points of measurement, with a measuring range of 359 degrees in units of one degree This Green Pathfinder Triple Sensor Watch with a resin bandand Digital Dial Code will lead the way on your next adventure

The Casio PAG40-3V Pathfinder Watch with Duplex LCD is commonly used for Daily Use, Travel and more. The Casio PAG40-3V Pathfinder Watch with Duplex LCD is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Casio PAG40-3V Pathfinder Watch with Duplex LCD: Comfortable, Accurate, Quality construction.

Key Features

  • 330' (100 meters) water resistant
  • Low Temperature Resistant
  • Automatic Electro-Luminescent.
    Simply tilting your wrist 40 degrees toward you from the horizontal position illuminates the watch. (can be deactivated)
  • Altimeter:
    measuring rang: -2,300 to 32,800 ft. (-700 to 10,000 meters),
    measuring unit: 20 ft (5 m).
    Auto memory function. Up to 50 sets of altitude memory with date and temperature.
    Target altitude alarm, graph display for target altitude,
    Altitude tendency graph.
    Changeover between feet and meters..
  • Barometer:
    Measuring range: 7.65 inches Hg to 32.45 inches Hg. (260 hPa to 1,100 hPa),
    measuring unit 0.05 inches Hg (1 hPa),
    tendency graph display of atmospheric pressure.
    Changeover between inches Hg to hPa.
  • Thermometer:
    Measuring range: 14 degrees F to 140 degrees F (-10 C to 60 C),
    measuring unit: 0.2F (0.1 C).
    Changeover between Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Digital compass:
    16 points of measurement
    Measuring range: 0 to 359 degrees
    Measuring unit: 1 degree
  • Regular Timekeeping:
    hour, minute, second, AM/PM, date, day
  • 12/24-Hour Formats
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Hourly time signal
  • Alarm chronograph
  • 1/100 second stop watch
    Measuring mode: elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place time
    Measuring capacity: 9:59'59.99"
  • Duplex LCD
  • Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2039)
  • Accuracy: ±15 seconds per month
  • Battery SR927W x 4
  • Approx. battery life: 18 months
  • Module 2271

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(800) 435-7732

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