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Beneath-the-Surface GoPro/Intova 2-Arm Tray for Sola Lights

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Beneath-the-Surface GoPro/Intova 2-Arm Tray for Sola Lights Features

What's in the box: Beneath the Surface Go Pro Intova Dual Tray System for Light Motion Lights

Beneath the Surface provides you with a Tray for a GoPro/Intova Camera, Two Grip Handles and two 12" (30.5cm) Flex Arms that Accept Optional Light Motion Lights. The Flex Arms come Pre-Attached to the Grip Handles. Easy to Assemble by removing the Tray Connection Screw in the Bottom-of-Each Grip Handle and put that through the Bottom of the Tray. Then, Screw each Grip Handle onto the Tray and you're Ready-to-Go. The Standard GoPro Mount that came with your Camera and Attaches to the Bottom of the Housing Slides-Directly into the Tray's Quick-Disconnect Mount. Each Flex Arm features about a Dozen Beads/Joints for Maximum Flexibility, giving you an Array-of-Possible Lighting Angles and Positions.

All Components in the Tray and Flex Arm Package are constructed from Durable Delrin Acetal Resin with Stainless Steel Hardware. The Light Motion Lights are Easily-Attached to the Top of the Beneath the Surface Arms. There are 2 Models to choose from: one with or one without a Quick Disconnect Handle. Adjustable Tray System is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Tray for GoPro/Intova Camera with Dual Flex Arms
  • Flex Arm Accepts: Light Motion Lights
  • Note: Cameras and Light Not Included
  • Flex Arm and Camera, in Housing, Mount to Top of Tray
  • Flex Arms: Pre-Attached to the Grip Handles
  • Standard GoPro Mount Slides-Directly to Tray
  • Two 12" (30.5cm) Flex Arms
  • Flex Arms Feature 12 Beads/Joints for Maximum Flexibility
  • Design Allows: Array-of-Possible Lighting Angles and Positions
  • All Components: Durable Delrin Acetal Resin with Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 2 Models: Quick-Disconnect/Non-Quick-Disconnect
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months for parts and 12 months for labor.
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