Best Divers UBL 9 Light


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About Best Divers UBL 9 Light

When Best Divers started in designing these new lights, its main goal was to realize a new product which has not been sold on the market yet The underwater light in plastic material did not need to be a competitor of lights of great power (20, 50, 100W), but a sort of "ally": a support in emergency situations or just a substitute in case of easy dives This is the reason why we decided to concentrate our interest on the properties concerning thermoplastic items, that are the possibility to have adaptable shapes (soft, rounded, adaptable to any kind of hands) and to reduce their dimensions UBL 9 has small dimensions and in comparison with the traditional lights it is easier to reach the ignition button At the same time we tried to solve a "simple", but very common problem in underwater lights: impermeability The new UBL 9 light has no spin parts at all (all O rings are in compression) and there is no chance of half-measures: the light is on or it is off Our tests guarantee that the UBL 9 can reach 90 mt of depth without flooding Last but not least, the light It is true that a light has to be of small dimensions, efficient, adaptable and easy to use, but if its power is not enough for a safe immersion, all the above mentioned qualities fade into the background The UBL 9 light has electric-light bulbs and parabolas which can concentrate the beam of light and that can guarantee 7W power: a strong and white light which cannot be compared with any other product of the same range

Best Divers UBL 9 Light Specifications

Power (Watts)
Halogen, 5,2V
Burn Time (Hours)
4 C Alkaline Cells
Available in the Following Colors:
Black, Blue, Silver
Mfr #
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