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Bare XCS2 Pro Dry, Dry Suit, Black

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About Bare XCS2 Pro Dry, Dry Suit, Black

THE ADVENTURE, A dive can bring you to unexpected places with unanticipated discoveries. That's why every dive is an adventure; that's why we dive. You need to have the confidence to know your equipment will go wherever the adventure takes you. Because on that best dive, the equipment disappears and the focus is on the real adventure underwater. The BARE XCS2 Pro Dry, Dry Suit comes with Latex Neck Seal and a 2mm Nylon/Smooth-Skin Warm Collar with Vented Neck Drain that provides an Improved Seal with the BARE Dry Hood.

The Suit has a Si-Tech 360° degree Swivel Inflator Valve (default placement on the center of the chest) and Arm Mounted Exhaust Valve (default valve placement on upper left arm). Inflator comes equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose. This Low-Profile design of the Si-Tech Inflation Valve helps Reduces the likelihood of Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc. The Inflator Valve Rotates to any Point-Desired for Easy-Hose-Connection and Moves-with- the-Diver during the Dive for More-Freedom of Movement. Suit has HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag and Pre-Installed Suspender Tabs ready to accept optional suspenders (see SKU: BREDSSN).

K-PADZ (Kevlar) Knee Protection is an Extremely-Abrasion and Tear Resistant Fabric provides the Highest-Degree of Protection from unwanted Punctures and Tears. Suit has Compression-Resistant Soft Boot, Premium BADGING and Reflective Patches for Visibility in Low Light Conditions. Suit is made from 2mm Hyper-Compressed FULL-STRETCH Neoprene that Minimizes Changes in Buoyancy and Thermal Protection at Depths. DIAMOND-TUFF" Nylon Laminate on the Exterior and a High-Stretch Interior Laminate provide 4-Way Stretch enhancing your Freedom of Movement.

Newly Advanced NST (No Stitch Technology) process uses the latest Double Heat Tape Technology allowing for Pin Stripe" Tape to be used, Enhancing-the-Suits Overall Stretch Characteristics. The TIZIP Master-Seal Main Rear Entry Zipper with Internal Protective Flap offers Improved Flexibility over Traditional Brass Zippers and is a Lower-Profile Design. Inner Fabric is a High-Stretch and Very-Smooth-Blend of Nylon and Spandex for a Frictionless" Donning with BARE Thermal Layers. PROTEKT Shoulder, Underarm and Elbow Protection, provide the Next-Generation of Abrasion and Wear Resistance and offer a High-Degree of Stretch for Comfort and Freedom of Movement. Suit includes a Dry Suit Duffel Bag; Owner's Manual and is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

*Discounted price only available with Trade-in and Trade-up program. Expires November 30th, 2016.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

Bare XCS2 Pro Dry, Dry Suit, Black Features

  • BARE's Commitment to Product Quality is Serious
  • BARE Dry Suits: Legendary for Durability and Longevity
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on Seams and Workmanship
  • BARE Honors All-Claims Against Seam-and-Workmanship for Life of Dry Suit, Worldwide
  • 2mm Hyper-Compressed FULL-STRETCH Neoprene:
    Minimizes Changes in Buoyancy and Thermal Protection at Depths
    Neoprene Manufactured from Thick 7mm Neoprene
    Combination of Heat, Time and Mechanical Pressure Compress 7mm Sheet to 2mm
    Combination of Heat, Time and Mechanical Pressure Compress 7mm Sheet to 2mm
  • Inner & Outer Fabrics: Laminated to Foam, Provides Comfort Inside-and-Durability Outside
  • Nylon II Neoprene is an Excellent-Choice for Deeper Dives
  • DIAMOND-TUFF Nylon Laminate on Exterior
  • High-Stretch Interior Laminate: Provide 4-Way Stretch Enhancing Freedom of Movement
  • Newly Advanced NST (No Stitch Technology):
  • NST: "Pin Stripe" Tape Enhancing Suits Overall Stretch Characteristics
  • Rear TIZIP Master-Seal Zipper: Improved Flexibility Over Traditional Brass Zippers
    Lower-Profile Design
    Internal Protective Flap
  • Inner Fabric: High Stretch & Very-Smooth Blend of Nylon & Spandex for "Frictionless" Donning
  • PROTEKT Shoulder, Underarm and Elbow Protection: Next Generation of Abrasion-and-Wear Resistance
  • High Degree of Stretch for Comfort-and-Freedom of Movement
  • 2mm Nylon/Smooth-Skin Warm Collar Provides Improved-Seal with BARE Dry Hood
  • Vented Neck Drain
  • Si-Tech 360° degree Swivel Inflator Valve:
    Low-Profile: Reduces Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc.
    Valve Moves-with-Diver for More-Freedom of Movement
    Center Recessed Inflation Push-Button: Design Prevents Accidental Inflation
    Complete with 3/8" Threaded LP Hose
    Inlet-Nipple Protective Cap
  • Arm Mounted Si-Tech Exhaust Valve
  • HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag for Easy Donning
  • Compression-Resistant Soft Boot Socks
  • Pre-Installed Suspender Tabs Accept (Optional see SKU: BREDSSN) Suspenders
  • K-PADZ (Kevlar) Knee Protection
  • Premium BADGING-and-Reflective Patches for Night and Low-Light Conditions
  • Color: Black
  • Storage Carry Bag
  • Owner's Manual
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