Bare 7mm Arctic Vest, Mens

Bare 7mm Arctic Vest, Mens Features

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Bare knows what gets cold on your body and builds its suits and suit components with that in mind This Bare 7mm Arctic Vest is no exception to the rule Vest is constructed of 7mm high density nylon 2 neoprene rubber with Nylon1S arm gasket style seals for super warmth To ease donning and doffing the vest comes equipped with a heavy duty front zipper So if warm is what you want look no further

Key Features

  • 7mm high density N2S neoprene
  • 7mm attached hood.
  • 5mm trimable N1S face seal.
  • Double glued and SECURE-LOCK stitched.
  • N1S arm gasket style seal.
  • Heavy-duty frontzip.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 25 months.
(800) 663-0111