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About Bare 7 mm Women's Sport Step-In Jacket, Black/Blue

The SPORT family of Wetsuits by Bare are constructed from Standard Neoprene Laminated with Nylon 2-Sides (N2S) Fabric know to be a Durable and Reliable choice for Beginner to Experienced Enthusiasts, both Above- and-Below the Waterline. The SPORT Series offers the Most-Extensive Selection of Styles and INSULAYERING Accessories. The SPORT Series Suits offer Unmatched Value while providing the same Legendary BARE-FIT Patterns that Bare has used in all BARE Wetsuit Families.

Bare knows what Gets-Cold on your Body and Builds its Suits and Suit Components with that In-Mind. This Bare 7mm Sport Step-In Jacket is No-Exception to the Rule. Jacket is constructed of Warm 7mm Nylon II Neoprene Rubber throughout with ARMOR FLEX Shoulder Protection. To keep you Exceptionally-Warm the Suit has Anatomically Shaped Arms, Internal Skin-In Flip Seals at Mid-Forearms to Reduce Water Entry. 7mm can Restrict Movement and Bare knows this so they place 4mm Flex-Panels in the Elbows to Increase Flexibility and Comfort.

Remember Layering is the Secret to Staying Warm Underwater, when it gets a Bit-Colder you can always add a Farmer Jan (see SKU: BRES7FW) to complete the Exposure Suit Coverage and Dive-Deeper into the Dive Season. All the Suits Edges-are-Finished with Stretch Nylon Binding and all the Seams are Double Glued with SECURE-LOCK Construction. Donning and Doffing the Jacket is Easy with the Heavy-Duty Front Zipper. So if Warm is What-you-Want then Look-No-Further! The Bare Sport Step-In Jacket is Black/Blue in Color, available in Multiple-Sizes and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
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