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About Bare Quick Clamp Set

Want to Add BARE Dry Gloves (see SKU: BREGD) to your BARE Dry Suit? The Quick Clamp Set can be attached to Existing Latex Wrist Seals for Quick Disconnect of Dry Gloves. Dry Glove use will keep your Hands Warmer than using Wet Suit Style Gloves that Leak-Water and do not provide the Thermal Protection of Dry Glove Designs. The BARE Quick Clamp Set requires BARE Dry Gloves equipped with the BARE QCP Connectors (see SKU: BREGQCP). The QC Set is made from Non-Corrosive, Impact Resistant Plastic. TIP: for a Non-Permanent Installation of DRY GLOVES, combine QUICK CLAMP SET + DRY GLOVE SET Inside diameter = 3.75"/95mm. The BARE QC Set is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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