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About Bare NEX-GEN Pro Dry, Dry Suit Men's, Black,

Offered with many popular features as standard, this suit offers Style and Durability at an Excellent Price. LIFETIME GUARANTEE

At BARE they take this Commitment to Product Quality Seriously. BARE Dry Suits in particular are Legendary for their Durability and Longevity with many consumers getting a Full-Lifetime of Use out of their BARE Dry Suit before passing it on to a friend or family member. This has allowed BARE to offer something that no other Dry Suit Manufacturer has been able to do: a Lifetime Guarantee on Seams and Workmanship. Much more than a warranty BARE is the first and only Dry-Suit Manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Except for Normal Wear-and-Tear, Misuse or Negligence, BARE will Honor All-Claims against Seam- and-Workmanship for the Life of the Dry Suit Worldwide. Even if you're not the Original Owner, you're covered.

The BARE NEX-GEN Pro Dry Suit is made from BARE's Exclusive Lightweight, Waterproof NEX-GEN Welded Fabric an Abrasion Resistant Nylon/Polyurethane Bi-Laminate material. This Bi-Laminate material is a Stretch Breathable Design. The Exclusive SWT (Seam Welded Technology) assures Watertight Construction that is Durable-and-Long-Lasting. The NEX-GEN Suit is made from a Rugged but Comfortable Nylon Inner-Layer, with Extremely Durable Embossed Polyurethane-Laminate on the Exterior. Seam Construction uses BARE's Tried-and-True Flat-Lock Method, Taped on the Outside with Polyurethane (PU) Tape using BARE's Seam Welded Technology. This seam is also guaranteed for Life. The Suit Entry is an Easy TIZIP Master Seal Back Zipper with Internal Protective Flap and the Neck is equipped with a Trim-Able Latex Neck Seal. Suit is also has an HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag.

The Suit has a Si-Tech 360° degree Swivel Inflator Valve (default placement on the center of the chest) and Arm Mounted Exhaust Valve (default valve placement on upper left arm). Inflator comes equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose. This Low-Profile design of the Si-Tech Inflation Valve helps Reduces the likelihood of Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc. The Inflator Valve Rotates to any Point-Desired for Easy-Hose-Connection and Moves-with- the-Diver during the Dive for More-Freedom of Movement. The Inflator Valve is fitted with an Internal Neoprene Baffle and an External Rubber Apron. The Inflation Baffle Deflects the Incoming-Air, providing a More-Comfortable Diver. The Rubber Aprons Protect the Dry Suit from Abrasion by the Inflator Hose, Chafing by the Valve Housings, etc. Inflation Valve is made from Durable Plastic with a Chrome-Plated Brass Inlet Fitting. Inflation is Easily-Preformed with a Center Recessed Push-Button. The Recessed Design prevents Accidental Inflation, even when Squeezing-Through a Narrow-Passage. The Inflator Valve is equipped with an Inlet-Nipple Protective Cover.

To Protect the Lower Leg Section and the Diver the Suit has MELCO T5500 Knee Protection with 1mm Neoprene Backing that provides Added-Padding for Comfort. The NEX-GEN Dry Suit is delivered with Compression-Resistant Soft Boots is Black in Color and has Screened Graphics. Suit comes with a Storage Carry Bag with Manual.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

Bare NEX-GEN Pro Dry, Dry Suit Men's, Black, Features

  • BARE's Commitment to Product Quality is Serious
  • BARE Dry Suits: Legendary for Durability and Longevity
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on Seams and Workmanship
  • BARE Honors All-Claims Against Seam-and-Workmanship for Life of Dry Suit, Worldwide
  • BARE's Exclusive Lightweight, Waterproof NEX-GEN Fabric:
    Abrasion Resistant Nylon/Polyurethane Bi-Laminate Material
    Comfortable Nylon Inner-Layer
    Extremely Durable Embossed Polyurethane-Laminate Exterior
  • Exclusive SWT (Seam Welded Technology):
    Assures Watertight Construction
    BARE's Tried-and-True Flat-Lock Method
    Taped on Outside with Polyurethane (PU) Tape
    BARE's Seam Welded Technology, Seam Guaranteed for Life
  • Durable and Long-Lasting, Rugged and Comfortable
  • Easy TIZIP Master Seal Back Zipper with Internal Protective Flap
  • Trim-Able Latex Neck Seal
  • HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag
  • Si-Tech 360° Degree Swivel Inflator Valve:
    Low-Profile: Reduces Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc.
    Valve Moves-with-Diver for More-Freedom of Movement
    Center Recessed Inflation Push-Button: Design Prevents Accidental Inflation
    Complete with 3/8" Threaded LP Hose
    Inlet-Nipple Protective Cap
  • Arm Mounted Si-Tech Exhaust Valve
  • MELCO T5500 Knee Protection with 1mm Neoprene Backing
  • Compression-Resistant Soft Boots
  • 3/8" Low Pressure Hose
  • Color: Black
  • Screened Graphics
  • Storage Carry Bag
  • Owner's Manual

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great suit so far


from Monterey, CA, US

I wanted to try a drysuit as it is a game changer here in 44-52 deg waters. I was able to find the previous model (metal zipper, different pads, thicker more matt black fabric) in like new shape on craiglist, but a size possibly too large (XLT). What a change! will never dive here wet again. Note those are really baggy as they don't stretch like neoprene, so having suspenders which I added afterward (new have tabs, old had to buy complete kit and glue on) makes all the difference, especially when you come out wet and the weight pulls the pants down - low hanging croch for sure! I did a custom sizing by bare, and called them up and they recommended the XLT anyway (tall) but felt it was just too big (couple inches everywhere) and decided to try the LT instead and it fits just fine. The plastic zipper (same as more expensive XCS2 ?) closes much easier but time will tell on longevity - 10 dives so far. Material seems thinner than it was, shinny too. The wrist seals are sawed and glue which make it make harder to replace (replaced on prev suit and it was trival to cut and glue over, but new one have tape and stitching). like the quick dry and very light weight (doesn't provide any warmth, so layer up!) and that they are <1/2 the cost than next drysuit by bare. Only 4 star because I feel the cuts are really baggy in some area. even though I went 1 size down from their recommendation (great fit), the arms girth are exactly the same as my prev older model - I can easily cut 3" in diameter by the elbows... feels like a trash bag underwater. Wish it was more aerodynamic in the arms. Love the drysuit, comes in many sizes, and relatively affordable. Leisurepro (easy return) was perfect to try another size...


Not a suit for heavy use!


Just had another total failure of this dry suit model, this was my second Bare Nex gen Pro and I will never buy another one! My first was purchased as a close out of the previous model year, it leaked from the first dive and all the pads peeled off the suit by the 10th dive. It was taken immaculate care of since it was my first and it made no difference, it still failed and Bare would not honor the lifetime warranty because it was a close out model. 2nd suit brand new from dealer, lasted much longer and the pads stayed on and are still there but worn clean through. I used this suit a lot! About 175 dive over the last 5 years. Cared for properly but the suit began leaking at the knee pads within the first year. Pretty soon the entire area of both knee pads were leaking horribly and the exterior of the pad was visibly cracked where my knee would bend. I hated the plastic zipper, and even with care and cleaning the whole zipper is now completely shot. Leaks to a point of total flooding. And again, Bare won't honor the waranty because I bought through a else are you supposed to do it?! It's really too bad, I loved the light weight and fast dry material. It was so flexible and while comfy, turned out to be a really bad material for heavy use. That zipper needs to be upgraded badly! Suspenders are essential, I made my own but that's just messed up looking. The suit needs to be noted for light use only.


Great Suit


from NY, NY, US

This is a great suit and is comparable to many suits that are far more expensive. I got a great price on the prior version of this suit when it went on sale at Leisurepro. Fortunately I'm a perfect M/L, was able to try on in the store before I purchased. I invested in adding thigh pockets and pee valve because I had planned on using this suit for years. Let me explain why 4 and not a 5. The softboots eventually become wet on the inside. Let me be clear my feet have never gotten wet during a dive (with the exception of user error or when the neck seal failed), but hours after a dive when I go to dry out the suit, the interior of the boots are wet and thus must always invert the suit to dry boots. Next the seals obviously are not replaceable and it's hard to justify that kind of investment on a suit of this price. So my next seal went after a year of use (which seems to be too soon, and I take very good care of my gear) and I ended up missing a few dives at the end of the 2015 season because I was not prepared to replace the seal.

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Questions about this item:

BOBBY E  6 foot tall 250 pounds?
MICHAEL S  XXXL 3 XL, if you're wearing heavy underwear you'll need the room, also depends on your girth, how bigs your gut.
Shopper  Hi. I am very interested in this drysuit. But not sure about the size. My measurements are: height: 6,03 ft weight: 200 lbs chest: 46 inch waist: 38. What is the best size for me? Thanks a lot.
Ben T  My choice would be 2XL
Shopper  Are suspenders Included?
KEVIN F  No. The suit comes with loops to for easy suspender installation, but the suspenders are an additional purchase.
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