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About Bare NEX-GEN Pro Dry, Dry Suit Men's, Black,

Offered with many popular features as standard, this suit offers Style and Durability at an Excellent Price. LIFETIME GUARANTEE

At BARE they take this Commitment to Product Quality Seriously. BARE Dry Suits in particular are Legendary for their Durability and Longevity with many consumers getting a Full-Lifetime of Use out of their BARE Dry Suit before passing it on to a friend or family member. This has allowed BARE to offer something that no other Dry Suit Manufacturer has been able to do: a Lifetime Guarantee on Seams and Workmanship. Much more than a warranty BARE is the first and only Dry-Suit Manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Except for Normal Wear-and-Tear, Misuse or Negligence, BARE will Honor All-Claims against Seam- and-Workmanship for the Life of the Dry Suit Worldwide. Even if you're not the Original Owner, you're covered.

The BARE NEX-GEN Pro Dry Suit is made from BARE's Exclusive Lightweight, Waterproof NEX-GEN Welded Fabric an Abrasion Resistant Nylon/Polyurethane Bi-Laminate material. This Bi-Laminate material is a Stretch Breathable Design. The Exclusive SWT (Seam Welded Technology) assures Watertight Construction that is Durable-and-Long-Lasting. The NEX-GEN Suit is made from a Rugged but Comfortable Nylon Inner-Layer, with Extremely Durable Embossed Polyurethane-Laminate on the Exterior. Seam Construction uses BARE's Tried-and-True Flat-Lock Method, Taped on the Outside with Polyurethane (PU) Tape using BARE's Seam Welded Technology. This seam is also guaranteed for Life. The Suit Entry is an Easy TIZIP Master Seal Back Zipper with Internal Protective Flap and the Neck is equipped with a Trim-Able Latex Neck Seal. Suit is also has an HD Bottleneck Latex Wrist Seals with Talc Bag.

The Suit has a Si-Tech 360° degree Swivel Inflator Valve (default placement on the center of the chest) and Arm Mounted Exhaust Valve (default valve placement on upper left arm). Inflator comes equipped with a 3/8" Threaded Low Pressure Hose. This Low-Profile design of the Si-Tech Inflation Valve helps Reduces the likelihood of Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc. The Inflator Valve Rotates to any Point-Desired for Easy-Hose-Connection and Moves-with- the-Diver during the Dive for More-Freedom of Movement. The Inflator Valve is fitted with an Internal Neoprene Baffle and an External Rubber Apron. The Inflation Baffle Deflects the Incoming-Air, providing a More-Comfortable Diver. The Rubber Aprons Protect the Dry Suit from Abrasion by the Inflator Hose, Chafing by the Valve Housings, etc. Inflation Valve is made from Durable Plastic with a Chrome-Plated Brass Inlet Fitting. Inflation is Easily-Preformed with a Center Recessed Push-Button. The Recessed Design prevents Accidental Inflation, even when Squeezing-Through a Narrow-Passage. The Inflator Valve is equipped with an Inlet-Nipple Protective Cover.

To Protect the Lower Leg Section and the Diver the Suit has MELCO T5500 Knee Protection with 1mm Neoprene Backing that provides Added-Padding for Comfort. The NEX-GEN Dry Suit is delivered with Compression-Resistant Soft Boots is Black in Color and has Screened Graphics. Suit comes with a Storage Carry Bag with Manual.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(604) 533-7848

Bare NEX-GEN Pro Dry, Dry Suit Men's, Black, Features

  • BARE's Commitment to Product Quality is Serious
  • BARE Dry Suits: Legendary for Durability and Longevity
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on Seams and Workmanship
  • BARE Honors All-Claims Against Seam-and-Workmanship for Life of Dry Suit, Worldwide
  • BARE's Exclusive Lightweight, Waterproof NEX-GEN Fabric:
    Abrasion Resistant Nylon/Polyurethane Bi-Laminate Material
    Comfortable Nylon Inner-Layer
    Extremely Durable Embossed Polyurethane-Laminate Exterior
  • Exclusive SWT (Seam Welded Technology):
    Assures Watertight Construction
    BARE's Tried-and-True Flat-Lock Method
    Taped on Outside with Polyurethane (PU) Tape
    BARE's Seam Welded Technology, Seam Guaranteed for Life
  • Durable and Long-Lasting, Rugged and Comfortable
  • Easy TIZIP Master Seal Back Zipper with Internal Protective Flap
  • Trim-Able Latex Neck Seal
  • HD bottleneck latex wrist seals with talc bag
  • Si-Tech 360° Degree Swivel Inflator Valve:
    Low-Profile: Reduces Snagging on Kelp, Seaweed, Fishing Line, etc.
    Valve Moves-with-Diver for More-Freedom of Movement
    Center Recessed Inflation Push-Button: Design Prevents Accidental Inflation
    Complete with 3/8" Threaded LP Hose
    Inlet-Nipple Protective Cap
  • Arm Mounted Si-Tech Exhaust Valve
  • MELCO T5500 Knee Protection with 1mm Neoprene Backing
  • Compression-Resistant Soft Boots
  • 3/8" Low Pressure Hose
  • Color: Black
  • Screened Graphics
  • Storage Carry Bag
  • Owner's Manual

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