Bare 7mm Dry Hood

Bare 7mm Dry Hood Features

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Keeping warm on a cold dive is the ultimate challenge one must overcome to enjoy the dive and think about what they are seeing on the dive not when will it end so I can get warm again This Bare 7mm Dry Hood is designed to seal with your Dry Suit Seal/Collar around the neck keeping water exchange to minimum adding warmth to your dive Superior cold water protection and comfort complete your dry-suit package

Key Features

  • 7mm N2S neoprene.
  • 5mm N1S Trimable face seal.
  • Hood neck seal is designed to work with a dry suit neck seal and marries to the drysuit double-collars.
  • Vented to allow for release of any air trapped inside hood.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 25 months.
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